Saturday, December 12, 2015

The ups and downs....

Violet, in her lofty cat tower.  How does a cat know that 'cat furniture' is for them?  or, is it that everything in their reach belongs to them, especially us.  I'm afraid I have badly spoiled this kitty cat.  She wants held way to often and waits at the top of the basement stairs meowing to be let in.  And, hubby will not allow her upstairs at all.  But, she has a lovely downstairs to enjoy...but like any room, its much more interesting with  people in it...that talk and play with you.

My total Christmas decorations so far.  Cheerful....but hopefully more will come out of boxes before a week goes by.  Right now....that sounds like a miracle needs to happen in our living room.  Keeping a hopeful outlook.  Kinda

 See what I mean??  The spackeling and sanding have only gotten 1 full day of work so far, but who knows but God will bless and by next Saturday the paint might be drying!  Oh may it be so.

I'm so glad I brought this houseplant in before it frosted.  Its refreshing to see the pretty green shamrocks open and close.....and its tiny bell flowers are so delicate.  This in the middle of chaos is very refreshing.  smile.

'to God be the glory, great things he hath done'  .....'so loved He the world that he gave us his Son'  I am reading the 'Mildred' books by Margaret Finley....ever  heard of them?    and I am reading 'Sometimes a Light Surprises' by Jamie Langston Turner.  A good book is my dear friend, and I am one of those people who can be pleasantly surprised at re-reading the same book 5-10 years later and enjoy it anew.....pretty much.  Hope your Sunday is a blessing...


Mildred said...

Your cat is so beautiful. I love her tower. I'm thankful that she has you to give her lots of love and attention.
Your plant is gorgeous.
I have not read the Mildred books.
Currently I'm reading some books by Charles Stanley that are very inspirational.
I hope you will have a very nice evening and thank you for visiting.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is a very happy Miss Violet! Love the shamrock.

Saija said...

hope your Christmas was sweet ... filled with that Presence that we can't live without! ours was a quiet time ... i didn't bake at all (well 5 pies, spaced out!) ... because i knew we wouldn't have much company ... i did get together with cousins on the 26th ... so that was nice!!!! the Lord is good in all the seasons of our life! blessings on your 2016!!!!