Monday, January 11, 2016

 I'm thinking of getting a few cello lessons to get myself interested again. I love cello music,  and since hubby retired I retired my seems.  I need to do something about I emailed a cello teacher this afternoon.
 Yes, it is very cold here now....with light snow. I love to see the snow fall to the earth.  God  is wonderful and his many works show that truth to me. over and over again.  The girls in this postcard don't seem to mind walking in snow do they....

Our living room is finally finished...oh what work!  3 walls of 'tent' green and one left cream.  Daughter sewed gorgeous draperies for the room and its just a peach.  We love it, but/and love that it finally is completed and worth all that work!

'Unto thee O LORD, do I lift up my soul.  O my God, I trust in thee....'Psalms 25:verse 1 and 2a.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The ups and downs....

Violet, in her lofty cat tower.  How does a cat know that 'cat furniture' is for them?  or, is it that everything in their reach belongs to them, especially us.  I'm afraid I have badly spoiled this kitty cat.  She wants held way to often and waits at the top of the basement stairs meowing to be let in.  And, hubby will not allow her upstairs at all.  But, she has a lovely downstairs to enjoy...but like any room, its much more interesting with  people in it...that talk and play with you.

My total Christmas decorations so far.  Cheerful....but hopefully more will come out of boxes before a week goes by.  Right now....that sounds like a miracle needs to happen in our living room.  Keeping a hopeful outlook.  Kinda

 See what I mean??  The spackeling and sanding have only gotten 1 full day of work so far, but who knows but God will bless and by next Saturday the paint might be drying!  Oh may it be so.

I'm so glad I brought this houseplant in before it frosted.  Its refreshing to see the pretty green shamrocks open and close.....and its tiny bell flowers are so delicate.  This in the middle of chaos is very refreshing.  smile.

'to God be the glory, great things he hath done'  .....'so loved He the world that he gave us his Son'  I am reading the 'Mildred' books by Margaret Finley....ever  heard of them?    and I am reading 'Sometimes a Light Surprises' by Jamie Langston Turner.  A good book is my dear friend, and I am one of those people who can be pleasantly surprised at re-reading the same book 5-10 years later and enjoy it anew.....pretty much.  Hope your Sunday is a blessing...

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Wishful thinking...

Wishful thinking for sure, I'm nowhere ready yet for Christmas!  We've got the wallpaper scrapped off and are spackling the many dents on the wall. Kitty cat, Violet got a cat 'tower' furniture and its been such fun to watch her scale it and dangle off here and there.  She makes smiles happen.

But my heart is ready for Christmas,  'O come let us adore him' !  ~~and~we finally got our paint chips and paint samples sampled.  A bright cream color for 3 walls and an olive green contrast wall.  A shocking idea at first....but the more we looked at the deep olive green-with our framed prints held against it....we liked it more and more.  So tonight we went to Home Depot and bought 3 gallons of paint. Looks like Thursday will be the big painting day here.   Can't wait to get the house put back together.  Still, all things considered...for two old folks, we're doing  pretty well.  I'd put a smiley face would be a fib!  I'm  waaay too tired.

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Ideas galore...

 We had a wonderful time spending Thanksgiving week with our daughter down south.  She took me to this awesome shop....which I really enjoyed walking through. Look how simple this centerpiece would be,  a special  bowl and a few artificial greens with a bit of red.

A vintage soup tureen as a centerpiece and oh did I like this plaid tablecloth with matching chair pillow.  How Scottish and homey.  It takes so little to make home special.  We are stripping the wall-paper off the living room walls and oh what work!  Time for an update though.  While at our daughter's home....I was so impressed with her beautiful home and draperies.  She generously gifted me with her left over fabric for drapes for our living room.  I am looking forward to my own 'new look' living room...after a week of painting.   The Lord is good! always and always.  In little or much. =)

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving...

Isn't this post card adorable?  And as I was reading 'Eating Well' magazine,  I was glad to see a story in it written by Rick Brag.  I had read an article by him a while back and loved it.  And there was a   picture of him with his Mom that I think is  precious! He is a gifted writer and author. I am going to  look on Amazon for   a book by him.  When someone writes in a way that can make me laugh and cry.....what a gift!  Hoping you have a blessed and fun Thanksgiving!

Unto thee ,O God, do we give thanks, unto thee do we give thanks; for that thy name is near thy wondrous works declare. Psalms 75:1

Wednesday, November 04, 2015

My cat...

This pattern was sooo difficult at first but it just goes to show (myself) what can be accomplished if I don't give up. (& this time I hung on to the very end)  Just typing those two little words....'give up'  actually gives me a sense of relief....thats  how messed up my thinking must be,  haha.

I have been having health problems the last year or so that leave me with very little energy.      Anyway,  I'm at last.. posting and you would never believe that I never had a cat or that my husband was an avowed cat hater....because a certain grey tabby has found a loving home with us and is such a joy to me.

Good things about  yesterday;

being reminded God knows our thoughts...& loves us.
getting a get well note off to someone who is on our mind & hearts
finding a crafter whose  quilting is affordable and lovely...
reading an Amish mystery, 'Hearse and Buggy' by Laura Bradford....nice reading
finding some small gifts for my secret sister..
enjoying a craft 'mall'  walk through...
holding our cat and giving her a new toy....mundane perhaps, but fun...=)
enjoying an old movie with hubby at the end of the day, after our Bible reading.
cozy QVC polar fleece sheets....a must for winter... we love! them

Monday, October 05, 2015

How special is a wedding!

We loved everything about our friends' wedding Saturday.  It was the most special wedding of its kind I've ever been to.  It was perfect in every way.  The bride designed much of this and look how special it is.  Her theme was a Western/Fall theme.  

This cupcake table was charming and the cupcakes were sooo delicious!  A wedding to remember with a smile...for years to come.