Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sheep and Wool Festival fun...

 It is always a treat to see the finished work of ladies who are pro's at knitting.  Wish I was!

It was a lovely day and the Lord blessed me with good health for shopping lol.

I thought this was clever....a hanging feed bag.  How practical, and the sheep are fun to see. We watched one getting sheared.  You can see the one here in the picture looks like she just donated her fleece.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Look what I found!

I was in awe and wonder to find these 'Bleeding Hearts' in a back flower bed. One that just had overflow things in it.  It must be 4? years since I had a 'Bleeding Heart' and it promptly died on me.  So...I guess it reseeded itself and came forth!  Oh happy day...this is like seeing a miracle!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Vintage for me...

 I  like this antique vase so much.  From a thrift store of course! And the crocheted doily with the pansy edging.  I used to crochet all kinds of pretty doilies way back when I was in my 20's.  Then, later on I learned to tat, and that was a real challenge at first, but so dainty and pretty. Somewhere in there, I took classes in basket weaving and made some baskets. Later,  I fell in love with spinning wool from whole fleeces, which I (oh how wonderful the lanolin feels on your hands of the unwashed wool, after you cut off the nasty bits) washed and combed or carded.  Mom once said....'never pass up the chance to learn something new'. So......= )

My walnut afghan now has three rows of 'walnuts' instead of two.  I am listening to the audio book ( by Drew and Jonathon Scott  'It Takes Two'  (of Property Brothers) while I crochet.  It is interesting, and occupies my mind while the Walnut Afghan keeps growing, slow and steady.   I am also re-reading 'The Colonel's Lady' by Laura Frantz. (it is very good!) I just finished 'The Lacemaker' by Laura Frantz  and it was a wonderful read.

Tuesday, May 01, 2018

A Walnut Afghan....

I'm finally working on my Walnut Pattern afghan.  It is looking good,  it takes two rows to form the (puff) walnut, and then 2 rows of single crochet between each row of walnuts.  I've liked this pattern from the first time I saw it in the Workbasket magazine.  It's been hanging around my craft room for years, and I always found myself saving it while I sent other pattern books to Good Will. I finally am making it.  My, I sure do hope I can get it done in this lifetime! I'm not the speediest crafter.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Swinging and rolling pins...

Yesterday I was swinging here, enjoying the brisk, cool day.  This morning we had a good worship service and now..... upon browsing the 'net' this afternoon,  I find myself liking this rolling pin.  A lot!  I hardly ever bake though.  Still,   I'd like one of these. Should I or one of these?  I remember rolling and cutting out sugar cookie dough.  It can be quite a chore getting dough out of a cookie cutter.  Would this be the same I wonder?

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Cutest sweatshirt ever!

This is undoubtedly the cutest sweatshirt I've ever owned!  Its adorable, and cozy too.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

French Press is a treat......

I already have a Bodum French Press coffee maker, and had an off brand  French Press maker for tea.  But....I was downsizing and sent the tea press off to Goodwill.   =( ,   then regretted it.  So not long ago while I was in the Goodwill,  I spotted a coffee French Press maker by Ikea,  and bingo! thought I'll get this one for loose tea. It came to the grand total of one dollar and 48 cents. It had no lid, which doesn't matter in the least,  I just pop a food storage bag over the top to keep the dust out when its not being used.

I have something special to note.  A friend,  told me about an app called 'The KJV Memory Version; A tool for Treasuring God's word in your heart.  It is by Ray Fowler, and changes a verse or you only the first letter of the individual words.  So, you read over the verse a few times and then touch the number of the verse (verse # 7 for example) and it converts over to the first letter of each word in verse #7 and you have a go at reciting it by heart with the clue of the first letters only.  I am working on Psalms 62 right now.  I love God's word....and this really helps me memorize it.

Hubby and I are doing puzzles again on our cheerful yellow tabletop, while the wind blows and the snowflakes swirl down.