Monday, July 24, 2017

A rainy weekend made enjoyable by...

I am enjoying this sweet English mystery very much.  Its plot is overshadowed with calm and beloved days, with a loving relationship of newlyweds.....hints of humor and friendships. Very good....

Hubby and I put together this adorable 300 piece puzzle this weekend.  I started it and was bemoaning all those white pieces and he came and stuck with me to the very end.  The puzzle pieces are very large....and very white for the most part. This puzzle is by Patricia Bourque, by Suns Out.

It rained as if the world was going to flood last evening. I'm afraid for the people whose basements are prone to taking on water.

 If you have an 'Amazon Echo Dot'... Amazon gives a free Audible book each month.  Just say, 'Alexa, whats free from Audible?'   Trouble is,  those free books are not usually to my taste.  Once in a while a title comes along thats more to my liking. But, free is worth checking out.  ~~ What a rainy day,  just right for reading and napping.  (My PK meds make me much of the time)

Psalm 16:1 'Preserve me , O God; for in thee do I put my trust.'

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Choosing 'happy'...

I'm thinking I need to practice this little truth more often, because its uplifting to be thankful for the good times and good things that God gives us.  So many!

How interesting to see my picture there on the wall behind the piano.  Notice anything in particular? The carefully glued puzzle pieces show up clear as can be.  I  put this puzzle together some years ago and so loved this picture.  I hunted high and low for a print of it to no avail.  So....I glued it together and framed it and am still enjoying it.  Usually the puzzle pieces do not show up unless you get close to it.  Now, this is a 'good time' still making me happy.  O my soul, skip to the good times and be ye thankful.

Monday, July 10, 2017

I'm wishing....for...

I'm wishing for this magazine that caught my eye and is frightfully expensive!  I haven't given in yet. Yet.  Doesn't it look interesting?  So artsy but no coupons work for this at JoAnnes Fabric.  I wonder why not.

I enjoy Mary Janes Farm magazine and Joanna Gaines'  Magnolia Journal ( I keep forgetting to check out her blog)  and my issues of Spin-Off.  Oh yes, and Ree's new 'The Pioneer Woman'...very  lovely!  I wonder what magazine is one of  your favorites.

The thing is,  beautiful magazines full of beautiful dreamy thoughts and pictures are So hard to get rid of, after a few months go by and they start piling up!

  I have a pile of books and magazines for the Good Will, (whose prices are always too high anymore, in my opinion).  Actually, hubby prefers to donate to Christian Laymen....whose prices are delightfully realistic.  If I remember right, a blouse is only $2. and paperback books are 0nly 50 cents. I should know, I've brought home some of each.  More than a few times!

Saturday, July 08, 2017

Jesus, Rose of Sharon..

 I was so excited to see the Rose of Sharon bush in full bloom.  Loaded with flowers!  Just once a year for what...a few weeks at most?  What a welcome sight.

And these pansies are the darlings of all our flowers this year.  I keep pinching off the dead ones and they just keep blooming.  Those cute bunnies have destroyed many blooms this year, but what can we do? At least they don't seem to care for pansies....or maybe they leave them alone because they are in ceramic pots up off the ground.

'Jesus, Rock of Ages, let me  hide in thee, Jesus, "Rose of Sharon", sweet thou art to me'.  hymn...'I Have Found a Resting Place'  by Charles Weigle and Gladys Muller.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Oh Happy Day....

July 1st, hubby and I celebrated 50 years of marriage.  I said to him yesterday, just think....we would only have been married 4 days by July 4th!  (back in the day).  We received many beautiful cards from friends, and I am reluctant to put them away.  We have had many happy times and hope our Lord gives us even more years together.

I am knitting on a wrap that I started some years back.  It is almost done though. The special thing about it is that I spun the wool myself.  It was one of my first projects and a wonderfully nice lady gave me a huge amount of wool from her sheep almost free.  I can't tell you how I appreciated the wool and her kindness to me. Everything was new to me the world of spinning wheels and wool...and scarce, until our paths crossed. What a blessing we can be to others, as she was to me.

John 14:1 'Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.  In my Father's house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.'

Oh I almost forgot to tell you that I was able to download book #15 from the #1 Ladies Detective Agency,  from our free online library service!  It waits for me on my Kindle and when the borrowing time is up....they just erase it from the Kindle.  Isn't that just terrific?  I'm loving it!

Friday, June 30, 2017 way or another!

 I love to use these quilted squares in the center of my tables and on end tables too.  Very cozy and great for protecting table tops. Aren't they pretty!  Hubby is laying a new indoor/outdoor carpet on the back porch today.

I've spent time this morning selecting my Audible book of the month. I chose 'The Cat Who Wasn't There'  by Lillian Jackson Braun.  Quilleran goes on vacation to Scotland....oh boy,  I think it will be a good listen!

 And...over on my library ebook site, I am going to try listening to 'Calico Joe' by John Grisham. It is read by Eric Singer and I really liked his voice.  You'd better like the reader's voice when an audio book can go from 2 hours to maybe 8  hours, but it passes the time enjoyably and frees me up to knit or clean.

A while back I read an article in Readers Digest (I think it was RD!)  about a town who had put up a 'Little Library Box' where folks could take out a book or two free and even keep it after they read it if they wanted too.  And now....tada! a town near us has put one up. Hubby and I made a visit the other day and helped fill  it up some.  I love the very idea of encouraging reading.  While we were dropping off our donations a little girl returned a book she had borrowed.  How sweet is that!

Psalms100:2  'Serve the LORD with gladness; come before his presence with singing.'

Friday, June 09, 2017

A cozy shoulder shawl....

When we went to the Waynesburg Sheep and Wool Festival.....I loved this shoulder shawl. The stitch and color changes are just my 'cup of tea'.

So I bought it and have been enjoying it very much. I have my spinning wheel out now and am back to spinning and doing some knitting which is so nice. and....I am listening to the audio book 'Claudia' and enjoying it.