Friday, June 09, 2017

A cozy shoulder shawl....

When we went to the Waynesburg Sheep and Wool Festival.....I loved this shoulder shawl. The stitch and color changes are just my 'cup of tea'.

So I bought it and have been enjoying it very much. I have my spinning wheel out now and am back to spinning and doing some knitting which is so nice. and....I am listening to the audio book 'Claudia' and enjoying it.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Along the way...

I thought this was one of my teacups but I see now it was a snapshot of one for sale.  How many things catch our 'eye' during a day or week or month.  And somewhere along the line,  we have to part with some things...which is hard.

Less is more, (for sure),  but how to conquer shopping?? (which I love to do).  Our Son was home for Mother's Day Week-end =)....and worked with me on my password collection for the pc.  There's another overload of headache material. passwords! ugh.

My most enjoyable times recently are spent listening to 'The Yearling',  on the Audible app, after accepting their free 30 day offer of two books to listen to, and I love it!  The readers are sooo good! I am almost done with this book, 34 chapters which pleasantly fly by.  I was able to get the dvd 'Cross Creek' from the library also, which was a movie about the author of 'The Yearling'.

p.s.  Librivox has free audio books, mostly classics and scads of books to choose from.  I listened to the audio book 'Pollyanna' read by Phil ?,  and it was a treat!

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Delightful flowers...

When we go to the city for my Dr. appointments.....we afterwards go to the Conservatory and the orchids are breath-taking!

I could never grow anything like this, only in my dreams and maybe not then.  I have been listening to audio books and enjoying them.  I joined Audible for their free month and am listening to 'The Yearling' of the free books I chose.  I remember sitting in school, about the 8th or 9th grade study hall....a fiercely hot day and no air conditioning.  I was off in the Florida everglades with this book, and when the bell rang to leave I never heard it.  I vaguely remember classmates trying to get my attention to tell me it was time to go home.  Imagine!.....what a book.

We did go to two Good Will half price sales and that was so much fun!  I found scads of skirts and a few tops....$2.00 each. It is coldish here and overcast.  Gloomy.  A good evening to watch Christy maybe.  Hoping all is well with you....

"Psalms 9:10  And they that know thy name will put their trust in thee; for thou, LORD, hast not forsaken them that seek thee."

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Beautiful glass 'Yard Art'

Isn't this just gorgeous?  It was a Birthday gift from my friend.....back in January and we finally were able to put it outside and are so loving it! These individual glass pieces were all glued together with EZ6000 glue. (not by me although  hubby is thinking of trying his hand at making one)

I hadn't realized so much time had gone by since I'd last posted.  I get tired so quickly, and am in a lower energy level for sure.  My Mother told me not to get old!  We are enjoying the warm, sunny days.

Hope your Easter was very special.  Ours sure was....oh how much the Lord has done for us all!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sunshine in the Snow...

I just had to save these bits of cheerfulness from the coming snow. No time yesterday to find a vase, so I just stuck them in the watering can before hurrying away to get groceries.  Just looking at them here is a sweet blessing.  How could I not trust God, when he is the creator of everything beautiful !

I am trying to be efficient today, (haha).  Our Ninja smoothie maker died over the week-end, overworked and under appreciated by me.  Husband bought a new one last night at Sam's  Club and we had our daily smoothie of spinach and beets, frozen berries....juice....and just whatever we have on hand. Yum, in a veggie way =).

Still having back trouble....found a new British tv show to enjoy...'Off to the Country' (or something like that).  Two issues of 'Spin-Off' magazine came yesterday.  Chock full of very interesting things to read and try.  My spinning wheel is ready to continue plying...partially done but the PD really has made an impact on things to slow me down.

In the 'Spin-Off' magazine there was an article that I loved....about the founding of the 'Healing Fibers Foundation'. This group reaches out to anyone who are challenged by illness, physical or emotional. They offer free classes ...some over Skype.  I sat in the car reading about the founders, Lynne and Josh Rule,  wiping away my tears.  How special they are...reaching out to others as they do.

I hope Lynne's life story is repeated in their web address....I'm going to go see.  have a happy day if you can, and hopefully the snow will come and go quickly.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Dried Apple Rings...yum

I often forget about the things I enjoy most!  Dried apples are so good, and if you have a dehydrator easy to do.

On to a different subject,  I've been watching.....(well, re-watching)  The Great British Bake-Offf...what a beautiful show.  The high def....the gorgeous scenery, the beautiful music.  And the suspense and admiration of the bakers competing to be #1 baker of the day.  And the complex recipes, truly show stoppers!  I couldn't bake anything like that in my dreams. it.

Isn't there an American version of baking like that?  And then, I watched  (on you tube) the preview of a new quilting book, 'Sew Flower Quilts and Gifts' by Atsuko Matsuyame.  Enchanting sewing!

Wishing you a blessed Sunday!  Deut. 11:18a Therefore shall ye lay up these my words in your heart...

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

'Country Cottage' called my name...

All of my de-cluttering efforts fall away like a mist in sunshine when something calls my name...and says 'I'm for you' ...take me home.  Ah, this is a blessing to me.  And no matter what your home is like...sometimes hominess, coziness and small comforts are very close at hand.

I get an immediate 'lift' of my spirits when I simply tidy up a room, and hang up clothes...clean off the counters in the kitchen, wiping them down...putting away cluttery items.  Its soothing and makes the every day boring into a special time and place.

For those of us with limited storage (having since remodeled the garage into the most pleasant sitting room ajoining the patio via french doors) well....we  have almost no storage....just one small sewing room and...enter with caution! was worth the garage make-over!

Do you ever wonder what a home looks like when the 'staged' look for tv is over and the lady of the house decorates with her own furniture?  I a perfect world, that the designer would/could offer to help re-decorate the home with the owner's own furnishings. Don't you ever wonder about that?

I had an interior designer switch things around in my home once and it was awesome...what she did.  Well,  warm wishes for a pleasant day!

Psalm 17:6  'I have called upon thee, for thou wilt hear me, O God: incline thine ear unto me and hear my speech.'