Friday, August 28, 2015

 I loved this app!  This is my hubby when he was a lad and....

I was a lass.  Life is richer now than we ever dreamed it could be....thank you LORD Jesus!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

 Afternoon tea,  such a luxury.  Hubby even made the tea for me and the cookies were so good.

Isn't this bakeware quaint?   And all of $6.00 at a Thrift Shop.  Made in the U.S.  by Universal Cambridge O. The bird candle holder is a separate piece, some things you just can't let go of!

Sorry its been so long since I blogged.  I have been dragging around this summer,  old age and high humidity etc.  don't give much a few health problems.  On the other side of the coin,  I am still having such a wonderful time with  our cat.  She is so much fun.

This morning the phone rang and when I answered...a man's voice asked to speak to Violet (our cat).  I was so amazed I just said 'what?' and hung on the line.....dumbfounded!  After a bit my husband started to laugh and then I knew it was him disguising his voice.  We laughed and laughed at how gullible I am!

I am waiting for it to rain,  it is so overcast outdoors and breeze.  Doesn't that mean rain?

'O give thanks unto the LORD, for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever.' Psalms 107:1

Monday, August 03, 2015

$2.50 ? yes!

 I was delighted to find this at the yard sale for 50 cents.  I thank the Lord for wholesome things like this.  There is really an abundance of good....if we determine in our hearts to be discerning.

This oh so quaint and charming tea-basket?  I could not pass up for $2.00.  It has the little pockets on the sides for cream and sugar.  I'm using it to hold my tatting threads and shuttles.  I do so love tatting!

The Aero tatting shuttle is my very favorite.  See it there?  the gray plastic shuttle nestled among the thread...waiting for me to come and tat.  Tatting is a very old art form of making lace with tiny knots.

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Community Yard Sale Days!

A day that started out looking like fun....had us so tired....after 2 hours...picture us  then having breakfast at Dairy Queen....then back to the treasure hunt!  It is a nice community time with a great turn out.  The highlight of the day was seeing a pretty long-haired cat named 'Track'.  The story that went with her was that years ago.....this Yard Sale ladies Mom worked on the railroad...and someone had abandoned this kitten and the Mom picked her up and put 'Track' (named for train track)  into her coat and brought her home.  End of happy story =)

We were at a pet store and the manager told us her Dad did not like cats when they were growing up...but the manager's brother was a paper boy who would pick up stray now and then...and bring it home in his empty paper bag.  They ended up with 5  house cats! and their Mom would tell the Dad....that the new cats had been around.....maybe he hadn't noticed it!  Loved her story.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Special Finds....

We stopped at Half-Price Books and I saw this Dot-to-Dot book for big people.  And bought it!  Each picture has dots up to around 300 something.  All for $4.99  ....forgot to say....we took an armload of books to Half-Price Books and they gave  us $12. (they buy books you don't want)  so what I had picked out to buy only cost us $1.35!

 This is what I am reading right now....well along with some other books.  It is charming and makes me want to re-watch the 'Miss  Potter' movie.

New was nicer!

The hanging baskets were so pretty when we brought them home--- now they look not as nice, just hanging!  They said in the newspaper, we've gotten 3 more inches of rainfall than normal and gardens are being blighted by the unusual rains and then near 90 temps.  It's hard to feel any energy in this heat, that's for sure.  The begonia is my houseplant, and one my Grandma always had on her windowsill. Except she always made sure she had a live fishing worm or two in her begonia soil!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The magic of bubbles!

 I enjoy bubbles and their magical colors.   I also enjoy the reflections in them.  The ones tinged with cobalt blue are my favorite.  Its been 90 something here the last couple of days and I have stayed pretty much inside, except for shopping.  I have to say,  I am looking forward to cooler days in the fall.  How about you?

We enjoyed a visit to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburg this summer.  Their gem collection was breath-taking!  This necklace could be taken apart and worn 7 or so different ways.  Can you imagine!   Loved it!  And there were floors of other things also....huge animal displays & the dinosaur re-creations...I love to visit there and having our family home and able to be there together was wonderful.

If you have time and love these two videos. ( You have to scroll way down to see the videos, but they will make you laugh! : D )  This is our cat's next toy, thanks to these reviews.  The Turbo Cat Toy.....what fun!  I never dreamed in a million  years....I'd love a cat  =) but I sure do now.  Did I blog that little story?   Our cat Violet was a drop-off and we let her stay on our  back porch....Until a raccoon started sharing the porch with her....eating her food and ripping up her toys. What an unpleasant surprise!  Thats how she came to be allowed in the family room downstairs and we grew fond of her and all her endearing antics!

'I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the  house of the LORD.'  Psalm 122:1

Monday, July 20, 2015

Yellow chairs and such....

I love yellow, it it so cheerful.  This one has seen better days, one of its seat boards rotted through and hubby will have to replace it.  We are so behind on doing things outside. The rain and humidity saps our energy so quickly!  But oh, the flowers! Their beauty tells of God's glory, surely.  We planted seeds of cosmos that came up the richest red!

It's hard to type with a cat on your lap :).   Our cat, Violet.....has completely won our hearts. She is so affectionate and fun.  I am still knitting small wash cloths.....& then only at knitting group once a week, I confess.  Sorry I have become such a lazy blogger, I get tired so quickly these days. I hope your summer is just right! 

Psalm 104:34. My meditation of him shall be sweet; I will be glad in the LORD....let the sinners be consumed out of the earth, and let the wicked be no more. Bless thou the Lord, O my soul. Praise ye the LORD.