Saturday, June 15, 2013

 Hurray, my first pair of socks are completed!  I really enjoyed learning how to knit socks.  I'm  planning on knitting some for my grandsons eventually.  (and more for me too I hope, they take a while to complete for sure)

 Here is the first one of the Turkish bed socks knitted up and oh so pretty.   Now to get started on its mate.

 These flower book markers are So pretty.  The  picture doesn't do them justice.  I can make these without the pattern now and I keep a shuttle and thread in my purse all the time, just to make these.  So a little bit of time and some thread....

Another view of tatted flower book-markers.  Its been a busy day.  And yet a restful day.  I put in a good bit of  knitting time this morning. So I am mostly indoors.   I am reluctant to spend time outdoors....bugs love to bite me.  Ugh.  But,my husband set up a small fountain on the patio....of a little boy lifting his dog up for a drink.   Its very sweet. I seem to change subjects rather abruptly...but, thats the way I think.  lol.     Hoping you have a restful Sunday,  full of Thanksgiving.

'O come, let us sing unto the LORD; let us make a joyful  noise to the rock of our salvation.' Psalm 95:1


W. Latane Barton said...

Maggie, I am in awe of anyone who can tat! Those are beautiful.

Dolly said...

Oh, your first pair looks terrific. You inspired me to pick up my sock needles again, too, and just finished the decreases from the heel of my new sock. I hope I have the patience and time to do the second one when this one is finished.

Congratulations, you're a sock knitter !