Monday, June 24, 2013

 Another gem from the community yard sale Saturday past....of course I loved going around =).  This antique 'youth chair'  was $10.  I'm thinking of painting it in a similar way as the red & white one for a corner of my kitchen.  See how much higher the seat is than the other chair?  There are holes on the legs which tell me it probably had a foot rest,  perhaps it even was a high chair...repurposed.  Who knows...but my love of antique chairs continues. And continues.  =)

 A close up of the seat which has been reglueed but is nice and firm.

At the same sale I admired this set of tea-ware with its tiny cups that have a dragon inside the bottom.  My husband paid only $3.00!!!  Are the little bowls for fortune cookies?  or what I wonder.  I am enjoying drinking out of the little cups.  Much.

As you drink, and the cup is tipped up towards the light,  this is what you see.   I  would love to know more about these.

And this is my latest read....what can I say,  I barely came up for air.  It reminds me of 'Christy'  a good bit.  I really...really....enjoyed it.  A gem...written by Dr. Walt Larimore...who is a physician in real life.  As with all things,  you can't give it blanket endorsement. (but almost!)  One of the characters is a gypsy who claims to be a prophetess,  but the story doesn't develop in that direction.  I thought it unusual for her to be included in the Christian story line,  but may be,  that in real life research of the Great Smokey Mountains there really was such a  person.  She is a good character in all other ways.

Sorry my blogging is so spotty.  Life is different now that hubby is retired,  and I sort of orbit around  With plenty of needlework squeezed in and a few great reads.  Lets see,   add a few good movies,  a daily dose of 'Leave It To Beaver'   who always makes me smile,  a Sudoku puzzle....(Husband is teaching me how to solve & enjoy them and doing a good job of it)  And yes,  ironing always getting worked at,  and my relationship with Jesus and thats my day...most days.   And some days,   lots of days,  the computer doesn't even come to mind!


Patsy said...

Always fun to see what you are up to. You just seem to love life, as a Christian I get bogged down sometime in the way the world is going. I know better and that God has a plan and it is all his will.
You lift me up, thanks.

Everything Changes said...

Fun finds!

Saija said...

wow - you are rich indeed to have found those treasures!!!!

good to see you over at "my place" ... i do think of you more than emails and comments show, but life seems to be moving along quickly these days!!!!

blessings on you dear one!

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

You did well! Love the tea set as well. I wonder if the bowls were for soup. They are similar to the ones found at some Chinese restaurants

Stephanie said...

Oh what wonderful treasures :) Thank you for the delightful comments on my blog - they were a joy to read. Have a wonderful week.


Anonymous said...

Love your finds. Thx for the book review, too. Always a pleasure to hear from you. God bless.

Cranberry Morning said...

The chairs are just lovely. Each one has a story to tell, a history. So nice that you're caring for them.

Thank you for stopping in at Cranberry Morning. VBS was an absolutely exhausting, wonderful experience! :-)

P.S. Have you considered enabling your email address on your blog and eliminating word verification? It sometimes takes two or three attempts to read those 'words.'

Hope you have a lovely day!

Chatty Crone said...

Retirement changes everything. Love your finds. sandie

Chatty Crone said...

I love your stories of the past. Love your colored glass - so pretty and bright. Sandie