Saturday, June 29, 2013

 There is something ever so special about vintage things.  A stitched proverb or thought,  a smiling doll with her painted on cheerfulness,  and old furniture that you know has seen the test of time and is still useful and comforting.  I like them all and sometimes wish for a bigger house....this one is getting a little crowded!  But the blessings and 'things' of this life ....I remind myself,  should take a back seat...they are not what is important, just 'icing on and over the top'.

 Don't you love embroidered bumble bees of all sorts?  I do.  This hand stitched crewel embroidery was  found at a huge flea-market for only $1.  It was thought to go on the front porch wall,  but I can't seem to part with it and hung it in the kitchen above the new 'youth chair'.

 Someone's going to  have a  Wedding Anniversary soon!  I wonder who???   =)

 This is the sequel to 'Hazel Creek'  which I enjoyed so much.  This came in the mail and I can hardly wait to start reading it.  What a bonus!  I anticipate an enjoyable read and now I know the family well.

Isn't color wonderful!  I can never stop enjoying it.  We have prisms that throw long bands of cobalt and crimson about the house on sunny mornings and it always makes me stop and marvel at the beauty of it.  God has given us so many riches.....within reach of most of us.  I'm very thankful.  When I was  a child growing was not filled with all these things.  Mom always worked hard outside the home and things were not what they are now.  Remember when  the local shopping was done in our small down-towns?  Maybe 1 or 2 small thrift stores.  I still remember a green suede purse that was my most loved possession.   To this day, no other purse has measured up to that memory of me in high school with my green suade  purse.   Well, maybe one that I knit and felted...a vivid teal blue....that I had a crush on for a while.  Oh,  the power of beautiful color!

Proverbs 17:22   'A merry heart doeth good like a medicine...'  oh how true.  I am reading through the book of Jeremiah and am reminded how loving God is also....and that He alone is the one true authority of us....being our Creator.  Wishing you a restful Lord's Day,  full of thanks-givings!


Anonymous said...

I love your needlework and the prim doll. The colorful glass is beautiful, too. I'm thankful every day for the gift of sight.
God bless your weekend.

Carla TePaske said...

Beautiful post, thank you!