Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A day at home...

 I succumbed to this beauty while browsing in an stained glass shop in Scottsdale, Az.  Isn't it pretty!

 My summer sweater I am knitting is coming along nicely, but it does make me wonder how many thousands of stitches are in it so far...ha ha.  It has listened to several cowboy movies lately,  (if that were possible).  One of the stars in the cowboy movie is/was  'Rocky Lane' and I have this peculiar talent for recognizing resemblance's.   Rocky Lane was a  'brother'  of'll  never guess who!   None other than 'Buzz Lightyear'. Yes, really ....or I thought so anyway!  I found him quite entertaining and felt very clever to have recognized the resemblance.

 This is the $4.00 doily I told you about.  Isn't it beautiful!  I've always loved the Irish Rose pattern and this one is a beauty.  Quite large too.

 Here's a close-up of the center....the Irish Rose herself.  When I was in my 20's....every morning I would spend an hour or two crocheting on doilies....many were ruffled or pineapple design.  How I loved to  make and use them.

And on a overcast, rather dreary cold day, what could be better than a cup or two of  Starbucks coffee? I don't indulge often but boy did it hit the spot today.  What a great day...hubby is off to pick  up some fast food so we don't  have to cook supper.  Does it get any better than that in the kitchen?   So, it will be a cozy supper and rest and then off to prayer meeting.

Psalm 145:10   'All thy works shall praise thee, O LORD; and thy saints shall bless thee.'


Everything Changes said...

Pretty sweater and doily, too.

The sugar thing: I think there are many other things in our food that will harm us before a little sugar. At least we know usually where it came from. I saw a recipe posted on my other blog site of a rhubarb pie with no gluten, no sugar, no . . . something else. I thought: if there is anything good in there at all, it's probably all chemical and will kill you! Balance in all things!

Anonymous said...

Good Morning, The stained glass is really nice. I adore the doily you found - one of the prettiest I've seen! The color of your sweater matches the doily! I bought
special" coffee for hubby's birthday - he sure is enjoying a cup in the evenings. Have a wonderful weekend.

Carla said...

I loved the stained glass.
I would love to share a cup of coffee with you on a cloudy day.

Marie said...

The red crystal heart is gorgeous! And I love the color of your summer sweater! It is there again in that beautiful doily! Wow! It is so pretty, it just takes your breath away! I used to love to crochet and want to do more of it now as well as embroidery, but I haven't started a project yet. I never made anything that beautiful, though!