Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter Day!

I will always remember the day I knelt  and prayed for forgiveness of my sins and to be taken to heaven when I die.  Oh glory!  God's promises are so true.  So rich and so free.
"Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice.'  Psalm 63:7  I have memorized this psalm...for keeps.

 More sunshine yellow...and some hand crafted eggs I made.  Since we got back from AZ....I'm behind on Easter decorating, and this year I'm not even putting up my little pussy-willow branches to hang Easter eggs from.  You should see the  back porch....hubby cut me great bunches of pussy-willow to keep.  I think I will be sharing or pitching it out.  Too much is too much, I say.  Even though I am so fond of them.

 I love these purple and yellow! So Easter-y.  That touch of yellow is almost as good as sunshine...sort of.  I was glad our florist had some of these Iris left for us.  Notice the platter on the wall behind them?  When I was a wee thing...probably 4 years old or great grandma had a plate rail that ran at least on one wall of her kitchen, about 3 foot down from the ceiling.  Hard to believe that would have stuck  in my mind at such a very young age, but I tell you it did!  I collect platters now and then, and love dishes very much.  I saw a platter this week-end at flea market....such a lovely pattern...'Spode' made in England.  I would have liked to have bought it, but being pretty much broke and it was $35.  I admired it greatly but left it there.  I did get a beauty of a doily though....$4.00  (picture coming soon.)

'For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.'  Romans chapter 10, verse 13  It is  wonderful to know our Creator and Saviour!  Jesus Christ is the bridge to God the Father.  Willingly and wonderfully.


Everything Changes said...

He is risen indeed!

I still have some pussy willows I found in a grovery store a few years ago. They reminded me of home. I would take your extras if I could. :-)

Karen said...

A very Happy Easter to you! :)

Anonymous said...

Easter blessings to you. That's a sweet memory of your grandma's platter. I look forward to seeing your doily, too - I always look for them at thrift stores.

Patsy said...

Lovely post and I like your new header.

Carla said...

Happy Easter!