Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oh, happy days....

 I posted this once before, but coming across it again,  couldn't help posting it again.  See how the sun shone through the blue glass bottle and cast its magic on the water?   I still find it fascinating!

After  much neglect,  my little orchid is blooming and looks happy.  We made the small stained glass hanging behind it, and I am looking forward to making more this spring or summer.  I always felt it is something I couldn't afford to buy,  but to make it works out well.  There is a lot of work involved with stained glass but it rewards you long afterwards.

This oh-so-charming night light is the prettiest little thing, don't you think so?   I just brought it home last week from a craft store.  One with all those little individual booths, loaded with all kinds of home crafted goodies.  I love going there to browse.

 And a long time ago now,  on a visit to the sunny south,  this little angel, with her flower hat caught my eye and I bought her, good and proper.  She was glad to come home with me I'm sure.  (if that were possible for her to but realize!)   Whimsical.....something I am drawn too again and again. It is a chilly day here, but with sun streaming in the windows making it look much warmer out than it really is yet.

How blessed we are to be warmed by all the great and wonderful words of spiritual truth, in the Bible and godly devotional materials that God blesses us with,...when we turn from the things of the world and sit at Jesus feet.  I bought an app for my itouch....called 'GoBible' and really really like it.  It is a dramatized reading, so the voices changing and soft classical music in the background keep my attention chapter after chapter.   Here is a bit of something that blessed me today....  from a devotional book.

'Frozen heart, withered heart, all it needs is to meet the look of its dear Lord'  Revive us again O Lord!

'How entered, by what secret stair,  ....I know not, knowing only He was there'.  'Rose From Brier' by Amy Carmichael   Warm wishes for a happy day!


Everything Changes said...

An encouraging and soft moment reading your post and viewing the lovely images: I needed it in some of these dark days we're going through with my prodigal. Heartsick days. Thanks.

Carol said...

I love your kitchen sink window! Colorful & full of pretty plants.
So glad you stopped by & left 2 comments!
Have a blessed day!


Carla said...

Beautiful stained glass. Wow, you made it! We have a friend who does stained glass - he gave us a star for Christmas. It is hanging in our dinning room window.
I enjoyed your devotional. So true.

Saija said...

i remember the glass ... because i had admired it so when you posted it ... :)

blessings on your weekend!!!

Latane Barton said...

Maggie Ann, I love that beautiful stained glass! You are so talented, girl. I always love the way sun shines through stained glass.

Maple Lane said...

So calm and relaxing reading your post. Such beautiful photos and sweet words. My dad made a stained glass piece when he first retired. I treasure it and have it displayed in my kitchen. Yours is just beautiful.

Cranberry Morning said...

Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning and adding your comment to the Queen Elizabeth birthday post!

LOVE the photo of the blue water coming from the faucet. Isn't that cool! And isn't that a creative night light!!

BTW, you've got the best background music. The Mission soundtrack has always been my favorite. :-)

podso said...

Maggie Abpnn, that stained glass is beautiful. I could not imagine all the work to making one of those. Also that is an amazing picture of the blue water! Isn't it fun the things we run across at thrift or antique shops? That little angel is so sweet!

Marie said...

I love these photos of your pretty things. Yes, that bottle turning the water blue is very cool! I don't think I had seen it before. And your stained glass is wonderful! I had a friend once, a woodworker, who made a stained glass fire screen once and said it was such painstaking meticulous work, that he never made anything else. It's hard, I am sure, but as you said, the results are so beautiful for a long, long time!!! I took a pine needle basket class once because I wanted to weave pine needles into those gorgeous baskets you see sometimes, and like the Native Americans used to do. It was the hardest thing I ever tried. I could make coasters, but once I started going up the sides to make a basket, things got lopsided and rough-looking. I managed to make one "pin tray" and several coasters, and then gave all the equipment and instructions to a friend. :-)

val Allen said...

Good evening my dear sister,
What a joy to read your postings and like you I am amazed at the blue water! I love the idea of coloured glass on the window sill - something I have never done, but HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR OWN STAINED GLASS???? Please you must tell all!
Walking in the park with Bella, that is my place where I say out all my memorized Psalms .... and think of you.Thank you for your inspiration, bless you
Val xx Berkshire UK