Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Farewell to Christmas 2011!

Christmas 2011 was chock full of sweet memories.  We really had two Christmas' this year.  One in early December with our daughter & her family in the sometimes sunny south and one here in Pa. with our son and church family, whom we love to beat the band.  The book in the collage does not have anything to do with my Christmas decorating ah.... I just wanted to show you what I brought home from the library.  'Unbroken' is non-fiction, which I enjoy but almost always end up with fiction.  So far, 'Unbroken' has been hard to put down.  An excellent sign for a great read, I always think.

I know my friend Patsy often recommends good non-fiction on her reading blog.  If only I could remember to do or even think of half of what I'd like to!  And, my stack of unread books is growing. Some books  I buy while out shopping at bookstores, and flea market finds that are just too good to pass up. You know what I mean I'm sure! Turning around in my 'library' desk chair here,  I just counted 28 neatly stacked books on my want to read pile....make that pile 's'.

Ahh, sweet contentment. Books all around the place,  tea & coffee and a little left over candy yet.  January isn't so bad is it?  Warm wishes for a cozy day! But... I remember who gives the day...

A bit of the hymn;  Under His Wings....Ira Sankey, William O. Cushing

'Under His wings, oh what precious enjoyment! There will I hide till life's trials are o'er;

Sheltered, protected, no evil can harm me, Resting in Jesus I'm safe evermore....


W. Latane Barton said...

A perfect post, Maggie Ann. I, too, have a long list of 'wanna reads'. Just never enough time to do all I want to.

The words to the song were special. We are so blessed.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

My father's favorite hymn. Hearing it always reminds me of him. I love to sit at the piano and just play it! Enjoy your day!

Everything Changes said...

I am an addict, as well. Amazon is my best friend. :-) I like to think of C.S. Lewis with his books, apparently, lining and overflowing the bookshelves and the floor and desks, etc. Everywhere! That's what I aspire to.

Mrs. Mac said...

I have a new (used) book .. you have encouraged me to get crackin' :)

Your Christmas celebrations sound perfect .. with beloved family!

Thanks for sharing the hymn.

xxx Cathy

Marie said...

So glad you had two sweet and blessed Christmases in 2011!

val Allen said...

Dear Maggie Ann,
I had a Christmas present, that came from you ..... way back last year ...... the encouragement of memorizing Psalms. It has been a precious gift and I thank God for it every day.
May you be blessed and encouraged day by day my sister,
Val xx Berkshire UK