Monday, January 02, 2012


Have you ever thought this would be required? In the paper today was this article....when we fly away to glory...(thats the bright side to lighten up a minute...) report someone as deceased, Facebook requires documentation, such as a copy of the death certificate. Then, they will allow memorial messages on the deceased one's wall. And close the account if desired. Gmail wants a copy of your driver's license to grant you access to the deceased one's account. And so on.

The moral of the story seems to be, leave a list of your online accounts, emails, pay pal...and such, complete with pass words for a trusted relative to access. In case. Even then, it sounds very invasive when you have to start giving out your driver's license and so on.

It seems, our 'digital' assets are very real and should be dealt with... when we pass on.


Anonymous said...

I had no idea and had never thought of such a thing!

Everything Changes said...

It crossed my mind when a friend died of cancer last year. But lots of us posted memorials on her site. They obviously didn't know she had passed.

A different world, for sure. Which reminds me: Hubby changed ever bill to on-line paying, so I best get on board and see how that all works and the passwords and such. Thanks for the reminder.

Carol said...

I'm so happy you left a comment on my blog today!

Your post today is a good reminder for what we need to have on hand in our paper files.


BTW-I'm following you now. : )

Cranberry Morning said...

I told my kids to make sure to write a blog post that I died...when the time comes - and not before! lol

Thanks for stopping in at Cranberry Morning! I see you're a knitter. I aspire to be a good knitter and just finished (my very first) two size 2 hooded sweaters for the youngest grandsons, using the pattern 'Lillie's Little Sweater' from Cottage Creations. I hope next to start on 'The Wonderful Wallaby' for the bit older grandson.

Walking on Sunshine... said...

Never thought of this! Great to know! Thanks for the visit. Loved your blog!

Walking on Sunshine... said...

I just read your testimony! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!