Saturday, January 07, 2012

 I love the delicate coloring of these roses.  Such pastel beauties in January are very satisfying.
 One of my Christmas gifts....a dot to dot calendar for adults.   I like doing these so much, did you notice I am into February?
This cartoon clip pic wasn't supposed to load but here it is, but is it readable?  Its late, so stay it must.  Tomorrow will soon be here.  A day of rest and worship!

'Cause me to hear thy loving kindness iin the morning; for in thee do I trust; cause me to knowthe way wherein I should walk; for I lift up my soul unto thee.' Psalm 143:8


Walking on Sunshine... said...

When I was younger I loved dot to dot! I didn't know that they make them for adults now. Interesting! Hope you had a relaxing Sunday!

Everything Changes said...

All you need is a box of crayons. Fun. :-)