Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Thoughts...

Oh those sweet times with the grandchildren! Such wonderful memories and thankfully so recent. I am looking forward to our next visit.
Do you remember the wonder we looked at the world with as children? I do. Our grandchildren are living in that world now! Just like going to Grandma's house was like visiting heaven (or so I thought when I was a child), getting lovingly greeted by her. The way she would sit beside me and hold my hand. The way she melted cinnamon hearts in her homemade applesauce. The partially empty Avon bottles of perfume my Aunt would save for my cousin and I. And how the adults took care of everything!

Yesterday after church ....I came home and made this red sheet cake and it is SO delicious. I don't often bake, but this recipe was everything claimed and more! I was seriously addicted to the icing, believe me...=). I even licked the mixer beaters and I haven't done that in years!!!

Sunday Thoughts...
Yesterday in Sunday School, our lesson was about Moses. How his Mother trusted God and went ahead with her brave plan to leave her baby floating in a basket on the river. How wonderful to see how God worked in the princess, who had compassion on the baby and so this true story goes on. God takes care of each of us and cares for us no less than he did for Moses. To be in the place of God's blessing we must exercise...Trust and obedience. Oh, the richness of His love!

And with a lasting thought of our Saviour;

"I know not where his islands lift
their fronded palms in air,
I only know I can not drift
Beyond his love and care." Whittier.


Patsy said...

The cake sure looks good. We love when the great grand children come they are so smart.

LDH said...

Those little ones seem to be in awe at Pier town! The cake does, indeed, look delicious! I STILL lick the beaters :)

Mrs. Mac said...

Hi Maggie Ann .. I sent you an email regarding the question you asked about changing your blog's background. Let me know if you get the message.

I think I shall try that cake when my son returns from fighting a wild fire down in Arizona. He missed his birthday at home. May have to change the cake color to green (He's nutty about 'all thing's Irish' .. and asked for a green cake). Sounds like you are sure enjoying your grandchildren. It's good to have and make such memories. I remember going to church with my grandma and sitting close to her touching the peaches and cream soft skin of her arm .. and the way she smelled so good.

Have a blessed weekend.

W. Latane Barton said...

The story of Moses and the trust that his mother had is one of my favorites. I don't think I could have done what she did, set my child afloat in the river. I bet there have been times as my kids were growing up they thought I HAD sent them down the river. hehe

Laura Frantz said...

Ah, the music, the cake, and everything here is just bliss, Maggie Ann! Praying this week is brimful of blessings for you and yours.