Thursday, June 30, 2011


What a great way to spend the evening! This recipe for 'Homemade Kettle Corn' is super good. I am still amazed that you can make this delicious sweet & salty popcorn at home, practically for free!

I had to look around a bit before finding two of our favorite games but they gave us a fun evening and then some. has its sweet moments, from the Kettle corn to winning 'Typo'!


LDH said...

That is a sweet evening! Thank you for the link to this healthy food site :)

podso said...

Yes we are thinking alike! God gives us so much to enjoy if we just open our eyes. I think I must try that red velvet cake recipe. I've never made red velvet before!

Mrs. Mac said...

I see you got the blog fixed .. it looks beautiful! :) I'll skip on over the kettle corn recipe .. homemade popcorn is THE best.

Hope you had a good shopping trip :)