Saturday, June 25, 2011


Can you tell I like toys? They make me smile and smile some more.

While we were out shopping we saw this vintage toy gun at an antique shop. I've never seen the like. I grew up with cap guns and such and never saw anything like this remarkable toy. Have you? I think they had a price on this of about $35. Not a bad price for a piece of vintage toy history. And in excellent shape. I wonder how many children prized this toy over the years.

Look at this adorable toy bunny. See the little wheels & lever underneath? And the child's pretend hunting license? I'm not for killing bunnies necessarily, except when they cut off my pansys....just kidding! Run bunny, run! Just don't make a nest in the middle of my flower bed and have a dozen children to leap & frolic in our mulch. Every evening ?! (that did happen one spring, this year they have been very considerate, I must say)

But! I am a huge Miss Potter fan. How I love these little creatures in stories. Same with mice. But mice in person?!! I just might take a shot at them with this dart gun. =)

And, I want to share this link with anyone who crochets. This lady posts a pattern for one sweet little purse for anyone who can make a granny square. She inspires me like no other! I want to make myself one. The sooner the better...alas, I have yet to finish two projects, one of which has me thoroughly stumped! My knitted cat is giving me trouble...oh those ears on dpns!!!!

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Patsy said...

That is a great find.