Monday, April 11, 2011

Remember when I showed you our new quilt? We bought two of them, and I used one to make valances and pillow shams and a new cover for the wicker loveseat. This room now makes me feel as if I'm in a fancy 'Bed & Breakfast'. Its all so bright and cheerful, & I'm loving the change.

How many years have gone by since I changed all this? (too many =) The bed is layered in pillows, two large white duck feather-filled ones then the bed pillows in their new 'shams'. In front of them are some smaller pillows 'in whites'. I think it would be nice now to re-paint the room cream, or maybe light green. But-I hear groans of protest coming from hubby. But maybe....later this year?

One more picture of the 'make-over'. I love how it all turned out...more than I can say. My daughter gave me that heart pillow with bullion roses on it many years ago. It it so discolored, so I will be replacing it with new pillows. Some pink ones would be nice, don't you think so?

A peek at the knitted face cloth. Its off the circular needles & on to the dpn's now. It has to wait its turn for my time though, my days go by so quickly.

Finished at last! My music covered Easter eggs. It is so gratifying to finish a project, even hubby liked the results.


LDH said...

I knew you would do a fantastic job with the quilts. It does look like a bed and breakfast! I like the sweet little girl Northern Print picture on the wall. I have a collection of those prints.

You have been a busy beaver moving along and finishing projects.

I got the laundry done today... not as exciting as what you have done :)

Keri On said...

Oh! Those eggs are beautiful - melodious! I just found my way to your blog thru LDH's!My name is Keri. Your room is very lovely! I'll bet your enjoy being there! I would love to see your finished project from the knitting needles! Looks interesting!
Have a glorious day!

GardenofDaisies said...

Hi there! I have enjoyed looking down through some of your recent posts. I love your new cushion and valances. that frame really does match nicely. And I love the vintage embroidered linens in the bathroom. Very pretty.

Karen said...

Yes, I think a cream or a light green would look lovely! It already looks great. You did a great job! ~Karen

Laura Frantz said...

Oh, everything is so beautiful! Wish I had one iota of your creativity, Maggie Ann! Looks like a wonderful place to settle down with a good book and cup of tea or just escape for a few blessed minutes. The fabric you chose is just so lovely and eye-catching!

Your knitting inspires me, and your Easter eggs make me glad that holiday is on its way. We're doing a special dinner this year as my elderly parents have moved here and it's the first time we've had Easter together in many yearas.

I was reading this Scripture this morning and see how beautifully it seems to apply to you ~ Psalm 90:17. Bless you today!

The Dutchess said...

What a sweet and wonderful place to sit and read..Love your home and nice to meet you..
Wishing you a lovely day...greets from all of us living on the Hilltop

T.D and Compny

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Hello Dear Maggie Anne!,
Always so good to hear from you! Your uplifting words are a joy!
I have a day at home today-some extra time to catch up. I am so moved by your concern, but really, it's just a little bend in the road. So many people have real heartbreak-dealing with life or death illness, losing loved ones, suffering for their faith in Christ, etc. The Lord has not required much of me. I could care less about any money lost-I know the Lord will provide a way for us to work somehow. He knows our needs and will put us right where He wants us.
Yes, there are some moments of sadness about the shop like I mentioned on my post, but we really are looking forward to how God will choose to show Himself, plus grow us through this small test.
I think I understand what you mean about feeling "troubled". We often can only understand what we can see. But, although we are still blessed, in reality the World as we know it is getting worse and worse. Praise God! We are closer to the Lord Jesus's returning than ever before and we trust in this blessed Hope! We now only see in part but then we will really SEE and understand that all is like rubbish when compared to the glorious riches of His grace and the beauty of Lord Jesus Christ!
Yes, I say too-Come quickly-Lord Jesus! I'm so glad I'll see you there Maggie Anne!
Loved your lovely room update-and I think I'll give those music sheet eggs a try! All is heartwarming and lovely here!
I'm off to pick up sticks and tree branches, clean up the yard a bit while the sun is shining!
Love Ya Maggie Anne!

Patsy said...

You are so talented. I do many things but not all are done well.

Lorraine said...

I love those music covered eggs all ready for easter egg hunts and thanks for visiting my blog