Monday, April 04, 2011

Mom used to cut her bouquets 'down' and put them in her teapot. Doesn't it look charming?
At 'T.J. Maxx' I was smitten with this beautiful rose frame, which goes along with the new quilts perfectly. You know how I love collage and this is 'so' collage!
I fell in love with this beautiful quilt from 'Marshalls' and so home it came. Hubby was SO sweet about it. In fact we bought two, one I will cut up for pillow shams and valances for the bedroom. I am exited to see how lovely it just might look when its all done.
And also in today's mail came my Birthday gift...'Larkrise to Candleford' season 3. More happiness! My BD was in January, it just took me a while to figure out what I wanted I guess. Its pouring cats and dogs here...heavy rain all afternoon and evening, but inside we are cozy and thankful to God for so so many blessings! So, a blog post was in order.
What I'm reading; Where Willows Grow, I'm only into the first chapter but am sure I saw this as a movie?! And the Collage Lab arrived in today's only cost half the price ordering from Amazon rather than buying it at Michaels. Oh happy day!
Here is my flower washcloth with 5 scalloped petals. I did get it transferred from the circular needles to the double-pointed ones, which I haven't used in ages. Here's hoping it goes well, it only need the center filled in. Only.
I found these sweet eggs at 'Tuesday Morning'' and had to have them for my pussywillow Easter tree.
My pussy-willow Easter egg tree. Love it!


o charm said...

love it too!
pussy willows are charming in and of themselves-- and to add the eggs, wow!

Patsy said...

My grandmother had a pussy willow tree and I always ment to have one.
Love your goods.

Patsy said...

My grandmother had a pussy willow tree and I always ment to have one.
Love your goods.

LDH said...

The frame and the quilts are beautiful and so YOU! You have some great sewing plans ahead.

The knitting looks very complicated! Looking forward to seeing the completed project!

val said...

Dear Maggie Ann, Where have I been to have not been enjoying your lovely blog posts? I really don't know! But this morning (and it is a Beeeautiful morning!) I have sat and just been so happy to have visited your home and your "happy" things. I am waiting to see the Bed and Breakfast sign up on your blog and then I will book a plane ticket :0)
It has been a joy to visit this morning ..... I am now starting my 6th memory Psalm, it is my delight to walk Bella in the meadows and say all of the precious Psalms out to the Lord, to the trees, to the flowers, to the river, to every blade of grass!!!!
You are there too :0) I cannot thank you enough for the encouragement and inspiration you have passed on to me.
Delight YOURSELF in Him today Maggie Ann
with love Val xx Oxfordshire UK

Saija said...

you are so creative ... i love the way you've decorated ... and i like your choice of dvd's and books too! i've watched some of that british series on our BBC station ... and of course read the same books as you ...

blessings on your week!