Monday, February 07, 2011

I am so thankful for all the sweet comforts of home. The dear LORD has blessed us so abundantly here in America. And to have our 5 senses to enjoy it all with, touches my heart with thankfulness. My daughter once said if she didn't live one more day, she would be more than satisfied with all the blessings & joy God has let her experience...(something to that effect). When I stopped to think about it ...she is so right. And she is 20 years younger than me of course. I wish it were easier to share with the less fortunate who have such urgent needs.

I just bought this 'Jams' book at T.J. Max the other day, and am intending to try several of the recipes. Does'nt it look enticing? The first recipe I want to make will be the veggie pickles. For some strange but very nice reason, I am enjoying cooking very much the last few weeks. No complaints from hubby!

It was time for a fresh bouquet for the kitchen table. These cream colored roses are delectable. They look as if they were made out of white chocolate.


Patsy said...

Hope you enjoy the book and the roses are lovely.

Dolly said...

Glory Hallelujah, girl, you got it perfectly right !
We are so blessed.

I bought myself a pair of cz hoop earrings for Valentine's day, with the last of a little bit of inheritance money my daddy left me 24 years ago, and my brother kept for me although no one knew where I was for all of those years. They came today, and I put them on, and thought, "whoa, now those are just too pretty and elegant looking for the life I lead". But then, my LORD reminded me that I am a daughter of the KING, praise the LORD, and since my daddy on earth always referred to me as his princess among 4 sons, I am double favored to wear them whenver I like !

I guess I've been quite a crab during this weather and a little bout of digestive trouble. I just came into the room where my husband was and when I smiled at him, he asked, "WHAT?"
I said, "I'm just happy, that's all !"

So glad to hear that you're happy too. Have a good night, you two !

MarmaladeRose said...

Hi Maggie Ann.

The email address you left is incorrect so I'm contacting you here instead. My email address is

Now I'm no expert on Folksy as I've only been with them a few weeks, but I checked out their Q& A page and this is what they wrote about buying on Folksy.

How do I buy something?
To buy something you need to register with us. That's because we need some details from you (at least an email address) to be able to track your order.

To buy something, select Add to cart on the item page (above the main photo) and it will be added to your shopping basket. You can see what’s in your basket in the Your Folksy box on the right-hand side of the page.

Items will stay in your basket until you either checkout or end your Folksy session by logging out. Please note that adding an item to your basket does not remove it from sale, so if you leave it in your basket for too long without checking out there’s a chance that someone else could snap it up.

Further information

How do I pay for an item?
How do I leave feedback?
It's me again now. Don't worry about opening a shop because you won't be able to as Folksy is only for us British sellers at the moment, but I believe they just register everyone the same just incase they want to open a shop later on.
If it's more convenient sweetie, you could just tell me what you would like and I'll send you a paypal invoice and post the item to you. it's up to you, I'm just glad you like my work.

I hope I've made sense? Don't hesitate to ask if their is anything else.
All the best
Fiona x

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Hi Maggie Anne!
I really enjoyed all your post so much this morning! Beautiful pictures-flowers, cozy home, bountiful, lovely volumes of books, pretty handmade things! Love it all! Yes, we are so blessed, I thank the Lord every day for His grace and mercy to us! I certainly don't deserve it, but am ever thankful as well.
I enjoyed your birthday post and your story you shared about your Mom and grandmothers home. A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, DEAR MAGGIE ANNE!
How I love reading all your sweet comments you leave at my blog! Your the dearest Maggie
Anne-your love for our Lord always shines through!
Believe it or not we got another foot of snow last night up here on the Chautauqua Ridge in Western NY!
There's been very little melt off this year and there are walls of snow everywhere! The News and weather channel often overlooks the amount of snow we get here on the Ridge-(you'd think you were in Alaska or the North Pole!-I don't think they even get as much snow. They always mention Oswego, NY, which truly does get an amazing amount of snow too, or even Buffalo, which really doesn't get that much snow!
Well better get my snow shoes on and head to the shop!
Have a wonderful day-and keep warm!
With Love from the Cabin,

LearningByReading said...

Always nice to see people with many different interests. Leads to such a balanced and healthy life along with praising the Lord!!