Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Ahh, here are some of the results of my '20 minute' a day efforts. I sewed up these two sofa pillows! I like these so much! I am still smitten with the fabric and the cheerful pink ball trim. I like it sew/so much that we bought me more of the fabric. Now I am perplexed as to what to make with it. I wanted to recover the piano bench but hubby didn't think so. Charming and yes so English, don't you think so? As to the other 20 minute-ers...they are coming along slowly. But, where there's life there's hope...grin.

This bouquet is on the breakfast table for us to enjoy. I love flowers and nothing sets them off like 'baby's breath'...don't you think so too?

Will you join me for breakfast? The Caribou Decaf coffee is delish! I perk it in my little stovetop 4 cup Corning Ware coffee pot, with a spoonful of cinnamon stirred in to the coffee beforehand. I'm really a tea drinker, but do enjoy perking some coffee once in a while. The description on the bag tells us that it is a relaxing balance of savory bittersweet chocolate, earthy and fruity flavors. I love a good description...don't you? Its grabs our attention and turns us toward a treat. We hope!

Would you believe I found this beauty at Walmarts last fall? These lavender layers are just delightful. Violets blooming just on the other side of the glass window in cold February....who could imagine such a thing? Surely not our pioneers and settlers! We are truly blessed with so much, in our time on earth.

See those bunny tracks? I too love the beauty of the snow and the silhouettes and how the Lord created it all. Its a praise moment...all quiet and hushed yet vibrantly alive! This was the first thing I saw when I pulled back the bedroom blinds the other morning. I so enjoyed all of your snow pictures... as I sat on the couch with my

"Let everything that hath breath praise the LORD, Praise ye the LORD. Psalm 150:6


LDH said...

Beautiful and relaxing post! A joy stopping by :)

Patsy said...

Thanks for breakfast and your pillows and flowers are lovely.

Patsy said...

To answer your question about the library post.
It hads to be in your city library and you use your card. The only one that we can not use is Kindle I don't know if it is something with our library or kindle. Call your library and ask if they are on line.

Dawn said...

Pretty pillows!!!

Karen said...

I loved seeing your gorgeous photos...your pillows are so pretty. I agree that baby's breath makes any flower arrangement so much more beautiful. Hope you have a nice weekend! Karen