Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm sharing my favorite authors with you today! Its almost overwhelming when I think of how little we had as kids, and now our home overflows with all kinds of things I've collected over time. Oh, the blessings of many and how seldom I kneel and thank God for the beauty of 'little things'. I'm so thankful to belong to the King...I'm a child of love, He never forsaketh his own...
Ooooh, how I love Miss Read. Her writing has given me great pleasure many times. Her books really hold their financial value over time.
More favorite books....Mildred & Elsie. Ever tried these? They are oh so precious!
Here are some of my beloved Elsie Dinsmore books...I love the close relationship portrayed between Elsie and her Father. I really believe it is a picture for us of the loving relationship between God our Father and the child of God. How sweet...we should hunger & thirst for that close a manner of speaking.
A gorgeous tatted handkerchief a dear friend had made for me. And, a nice time to admire it on my 63rd birthday.


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Your books are treasures.
I have just begun reading the Miss Read books , I'm starting with the first one. I've got a little collection going of the paperbacks from the sixties and seventies. They are so dear! I will look for the author in your last photo too.
I just have a feeling I would like those as well.

Patsy said...

Happy Birthday!
You have a very nice collection of books.

Saija said...

i hope your birthday was filled with the treasures of a life well lived ... and blessings for the years to come!!!!

Karen said...

What a nice collection of books you have! Hope you had a very nice birthday!!

Dolly said...

Oh happy birthday ! You ARE so very blessed, so I'll just wish that you get to enjoy every minute of it !

You always inspire me with your book lists, and especially so, now, getting to see them lined up on your shelves. I hope I can remember some of these authors the next time I visit our town's little library.