Monday, January 17, 2011

A perfect little Birthday cake, I liked the candle so much I stuck one in this piece of cake the following day and lit it and let it glow awhile for me, before I blew it out....its 362 days till my next Birthday, I might as well enjoy this one all I can!
It was a lovely 63rd Birthday. I can remember my Mother telling me that I was born during a snowstorm. She sat in front of the fireplace (the night she went into labor) reading while a heavy snow fell outside the french doors. It makes her sound so rich doesn't it? In fact, she and my Dad lived in a cozy (at least I hope it was cozy...that would be a saving grace, don't you think so?) basement apartment at her Mother's house. I always loved Grandma's house. When you opened the basement door to go down...there was a ledge about two foot wide that ran along the steps and they kept lots of kitchen pots and pans there. It was the homiest place!

Anyway, back to my story....the Dr. couldn't get there because of the snow and my Dad went with a tractor...(I think the story went) to help his car get through. Mom had a rough time delivering me. She had to get 20 some stitches that night I was born. I always felt like I should give her Birthday gifts on my Birthday to say thank you for all she went through. Even though, I was just newborn and clueless. Sometimes I still am clueless.. grin.....I'm trying to make my posts shorter, but this one sure isn't short. Oh well, this is who I am and what I have to share. 'Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord!' from the Holy Bible.


Marie said...

Absolutely no need to shorten your posts. . .

val said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Maggie Ann :0)
I have loved reading this blog today, I was born in the April of '45 - just towards the end of the war, but I have been told that the winter of '47 here in England was the worst in memory. I wonder how your Mum felt, was she frightened you would be born in a car, was she anxious or fretful, was she trusting in the Heavenly Father?
I do hope that you DO NOT MANAGE to make shorter postings - that would be sad for those of us who enjoy our visits to you.
Some of my favourite books are the ones by Laura Ingles Wilder - they have so many memories of sitting on the sofa with my little boys around me and we went adventuring across the American plains.
Whatever you hoping to achieve this year - may our Great God grant you success.
love Val xx Oxfordshire UK

Patsy said...

You should celebrate until the cake runs out, no make that until Jan 31. lol

~*~Patty S said...

Happy Happy Birthday to you dear Maggie Ann!

I am of the firm belief that as one gets older ;) it takes longer to I say enjoy your birthDAY...WEEK...and MONTH :)

such a sweet post

LDH said...

A very sweet story and a very happy belated birthday wish to you! So, this story explains why you are often cold and so enjoy your down coat and electric blanket ;)

Enjoy your candles, sweet blogging friend!

LDH said...

PS Loved reading your testimony at the bottom of your blog! Precious!

MarmaladeRose said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie, what an excellent time to start you 20 minutes a day crafting promise. You can share your 'makes' by uploading them to the 20 Minuters Flicker page, just follow the link on my blog or any of the other 20 Minuters blogs. Happy crafting.