Saturday, January 08, 2011

Christmas memories

Poor doggie, she's had it! Those people have way to much fun together. What's a dog to do? =(

This is one of my Nana's favorite gifts for me. When you stroke the elephant's back, he makes an elephant roar. It sounds very real. I think I'll like it when I know how to work it better!

Can someone help me? Everytime I post more than one picture at at time, Blogger doesn't let me type my thoughts under the right picture. In fact, I have to type along side and when its posted...well....nothing goes together that should. Mostly. Help please!

Here is a sweet blog I came across tonight written by a Mom in Russia.

Have a blessed Sunday! Our little Sunday School class will be hearing about the leper that came to Jesus to be healed. He was not I love this. How Jesus not only healed him, he reached out and touched him. How much that must have meant to that man.


Saija said...

you know what i do with pics? i write my post first - then i click on the spot where i want the pics to go ... just one at a time ... maybe that will help?

looks like a wonderful time for you guys ... makes me smile ...

oh - and how sweet are you re the new year's card ... but instead - if you think of me sometimes when you have a postcard from your area, put my addy on it and send to canada ... i collect postcards that have been sent to me over the years ... my little colletion startd in 1962 and now it spans well over 40 some (probably more) countries ... they are easy to store and when i look through them, i remember friends ... :o)

blessings on your sunday!!!

Patsy said...

Good Christmas memories, I went to see the post in Moscow hope she lets us see more of life there.