Friday, January 07, 2011

Yes, we are still having 'fond Christmas moments' here. =) The decorations are off the tree but I've not the strength to take the tree down. So we walk and sit amid the boxes of decorations strewn here and there.

I must sing the praises of one of my Christmas gifts. First let me tell you....I am almost always chilly or downright cold.

I am now the happy owner of 3 electric blanket devices. One for the bed....wonderfully cozy! (but I keep a blanket between it & us.) An electric blanket 'throw' for the couch. Now that one did try to burn my knee last night so I'll be using it over an afghan just for safety. son-in-law surprised me with one for the car...that plugs into the c.lighter. Old Mr. Winter just lost some of his icy grip on me! Color me happy again....


Patsy said...

I broke down and got one for my bed I did have hot flashs at night so didn't think I could use one. Now that one for the couch sounds like a winner, will have to think about that one to.
Love in Christ,

LDH said...

Oh me too! All of my friends are getting hotter but not me! My husband says my thermostat is broken. He wants to get me an electric blanket but I have been hesitant. I had a heating pad that you warmed in the microwave and it was the only thing that got me through the night. It is no longer and I can't find a replacement :( I do have hypothyroidism but I am seriously colder that I should be. Sometimes my fingers turn the most frightful shade of blue.

That electric blanket is sounding better and better!

sparrow's song said...

Hello dear friend.

I hope your Christmas was wonderful and your New New Year packed with joy.

Our tree is down and the ornaments and lights packed away for another year. However, there are some gifts still sitting in the morning room chairs that need to be put away.

Fortunately this year, the Lord has been exceptional kind and my mother was not in the hospital although she did struggle with some illness earlier this year.

You have electric blankets and I'm putting the heating pad over my feet in the evenings. Stay toasty!

Blessing and hugs.