Saturday, May 24, 2008

Where has the week gone? The days seem to fly by yet each one is a world within itself. Every single day is a gift isn't it! I hope you have a really restful and blessed Lord's Day.

"The LORD thy God, he is God, the faithful God..." Deuteronomy 7:9


Mrs. Mac said...

Have a blessed Sunday Maggie Ann. I went over to my little grandson's house today ... haven't seen him for nearly a week now ... what a thrill it was for me to see him running, big smile and all to give his grammy a big old hug ... melted my heart. Now if he will only make up to his papa ;)

Saija said...

blessings on your long weekend!

and yes, every new day is indeed a gift!!!

Terry said...

Dear Maggie-ann,
I just came to wish you a happy Memorial Day and took the time to read some of the posts that I have been missing.
It is the first time that I read how you were saved and if you don't mind I would love to copy it and use it on my own blog one of these days. I think it is so important the people hear the gospel in the form of how others have met the Saviour. In so many different ways they have met the ONE Way!!
I know that I thought that I was good enough, too before I was saved. One preacher used to tell us there were two paths on the broad way...the path where all the bad people were walking and the clean path where all the bad GOOD people were walking!
But it was the one path to Hell.

Have a great rememberance day of the dear American soldiers who have given SO much Maggie-Ann Love Terry

sparrow's song said...

This day I was putting the finishing touches on my daughter's birthday dress made especially for her. I added a ribbon for a belt with snap closures. It turn out wonderful and she was very pleased.

the faithful God

God is ever faithful. We stumble in our confidence of that knowledge when tragedy strikes our hearts. But I hear His encouragement...
John 14:1
Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.