Monday, May 26, 2008

We pay tribute to our Veterans this Memorial Day...oh that the Lord will give courage and protection to those in our armed forces. And, hallow the memory of those who have paid with their lives for freedom. My Father served in World War II on an aircraft carrier. I still remember some of the stories he would tell us. How when the ship docked, some men would have to be helped off the boat...they were shaking so badly. Sobering stories for a 9 year old to hear, but at my Father's side, I listened and knew it was true. Thank the Lord for helpers and most of all, rest from war. Dad rarely talked of those experiences and I knew even then, when he was a special time to listen.


sparrow's song said...

Very few can respect those times and contributions made by others. God bless those who served and do serve in our armed forces.

Mrs. Mac said...

That must have been a scary time for you as a young nine year old girl. Many people from that era never talked about their experiences ... we must not forget the cost for our freedom.