Tuesday, March 04, 2008

This is 'Needsie', Mom's old & faithful friend long departed now. Needsie was a name passed down from previous family cats that my Mother's Mother had. The name was related to the fact that they had a lot of sewing or crochet needles about the house from what I understand. A little messy, grin, but with just Grandma & my Aunt...they constantly had needlework projects laying about and novels in progress flung here and there. Grandma always had home-made bread on the table and lots of home canned goods. You could look out the window over the kitchen table and look down ever so far into the valley behind the house. How I loved to go there for a visit. There was a huge apple tree at the side door with a swing on it & I spent many happy times winging my way far up towards the leafy beauty above me on that swing. The magical time of childhood. Don't we all wish we could go back & visit those carefree days? Last night my husband drove us into the city and we experienced the joy of hearing a violin & piano recital given by the college professor of violin. Exquisite!!!! I'd never heard of 'Fratres' music written by Arvo Part before and loved it. When I got home I looked it up on youtubedotcom and the audio made me appreciate the live concert even more...smile. Its a rainy dreary day here....excellent for reading and napping though!

"A loving heart is the truest widsom." Charles Dickens


Terry said...

Oh what a nice kitty and with such a cute name Maggie-ann!
Thank you for your visit.
Yes.. I am a reader but it seems these days are too full for any kind of reading except on the blog once in a while..
Mom and Dad Golden are still both under the weather so I have been kept pretty busy the last few months.
Thanks for your visit again.. It is always good hear from you Maggie even if you don't put an "e" at the end of your name!!!...Love Terry

Marie said...

Needsie looks like a very old-fashioned cat.

sparrow's song said...

We never forget those cherished pets that God brings into our lives.

Love your imagery of the apple tree and swing. Made me think of the oak at my grandmother's house that we used to build a tree house. For all the nails we put in that tree, it never died.

you shared,
Last night my husband drove us into the city and we experienced the joy of hearing a violin & piano recital given by the college professor of violin.

My daughter and I have tickets to the Susquehanna Symphony Orchestra this weekend. It's something she has to attend for a college class but it should be fun for the two of us.


Oooh, memories are a wonderful things. We can relive things more than once.

I love piano and violin music. Wish I could have heard it. I know that it was beautiful. Have a good day,connie from texas

Mindy said...

What a cute cat! I still miss our cat...he left and never came home. Then our daughter came home with a cocker spaniel puppy! Thank you for your concern and well wishes recently with the last bout of flu. Much love to you always Maggie Ann!