Monday, August 08, 2005

These are some of the things I bought today. I have to say, the most special purchase was a set of rubber horseshoes and pegs. This is something we have been looking for for years. We had a set about 4 years ago and I left them out over winter and they just cracked apart. I could have kicked myself for that dumb move. So while we were in the toy store today, I saw them.....Horseshoes!!!!! that are rubber. For only $22. what a steal of a deal. Metal horseshoes hurt my shoulders, but these are not light like plastic, they have some weight to them, but not enough to try and pull my arm out of the socket. That is the most fabulous store. From Thomas the Train things to all kinds of games, you name it, I wouldn't be surprised if they have it or can get it. We also went to an Antique Mall and had a lot of fun in there admiring old furniture, portraits and dishs. My pick in there would be a toss-up between an antique china cabinet and an oil portrait of a man that was so good he looked real. This being real life with me having only $12.00 left to spend, I bought 4 small doilies and a scrapbooking magazine. My friend bought about 5 Nancy Drew books for her granddaughter and a Nature book. She tells me there is Nancy Drew jewelry now too. Right now, I am so tuckered out I could sleep, but will be a good wife and start the Eggplant Parmigiana for supper. Posted by Picasa

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Finn said...

Really beautiful things..I'm so happy that they have joined your life. Love the little bookmark(?)