Monday, August 08, 2005

Look what I just made = ). I'm plain tuckered out, and the crust isn't the fanciest crimping job, but I know its gonna be good! Its in the oven just now, with a pumpkin pie for a companion. This is a cherry pie, in case you're wondering, guess you really can't tell from the picture. I had fun enlarging some of the other pictures I'm going to post tomorrow or so, and call it 'kitchen art'. My hubby is stuffing insulation around the new kitchen door while I made my culinary delights (hey, hey), and its dark out now, and the crickets are chirping in a steady melody, soothingly nice to hear, like someone humming. The only thing is, in thier song, I hear the words...'farewell, summer is almost over'. What do you think? Is summer almost over, or do you feel like its summer into September? Well, off to cello practise I go and then rest up and in the a.m. off to church I go with my cleaning supplies to help do our annual cleaning before school starts. We have a Christian school at our church so we've got to all pitch in and get things ready for the new school season. "Many hands make light work". I won't be able to visit any blogs till maybe Wednesday but I miss visiting you all, thats for sure! If you've come by, thanks, and a special thankyou to everyone that left me such nice comments on my previous posts. That was so nice! ......"Zephaniah 3:17 "The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy...." Posted by Picasa


Saija said...

looks yummy ... :o) ... did you know pies are my specialty? i love making them and use this 100+ old pie dough recipe (from Leo's family) ... but this year, pies have been banished from the house because Leo is trying to drop some weight ... soooooo? :o(

August is my favourite summer month, tho' i am feeling the fall weather start to nip on my heels ...

blessings to you, pie making lady!

Alice said...

Hopefully you will have some more summer to come, if that's what you want. It's certainly not summer here at the moment. In fact, today has been unusually cold all across the south eastern part of Australia with widespread snowfalls, not just on the mountains but even in the low areas. It is snowing here at the moment in Canberra, where we only get snow about once every 10 years. Shame that it's dark as I'd like to take some photos. Perhaps it will be there in the morning, too.

I'm glad you liked my recent photos of the coast. Watching the rough seas and big waves certainly makes one feel very small in the overall scheme of things.