Thursday, May 05, 2005

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day wishs to every Mom who reads this. Hope your day is relaxing and the time you spend in the kitchen is minimal or better yet, none. I never realized until recently the impact we all have on each other. The difference between an upbeat comment or a negative outlook 'paints' those around us with the same brush. It may not be completely realistic, but, ( I'm sticking to my guns here) ~happy~ is essential for a good day. Contentment is her sister, and both beckon me. As a Mom with adult children who no longer need my input very often, I have time to stop and smell the roses. With all the consecutive days of full hampers and dusty furniture, its needful to have routine interspersed with 'happy' moments. Reading other blogs give me lots of moments like that, bringing welcome smiles and ahhs. God is ever good, only good. As I drove home yesterday from the nursing home where my Mom resides, I was sitting at a red light drinking in the beautiful cumulus clouds in the heavens, when on one of those changing digital billboards displayed.... "This broken and sinful world needs the Saviour and his name is Jesus". How that truth spoke to my heart. I fear I'm sidetracking here from Mother's Day, but being a Mother touchs so much of life, and the river runs deep. Every life contributes so much to the lives of others, Mother or not.

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Me said...

And a very happy Mother's Day to you also! I hope you get spoiled! :o)