Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Home Companion

I treated myself to the April-May issue of Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion magazine the other day. As I leafed through its pages in the store, it said 'buy me' almost out loud. I like the homey atmosphere it creates, sort of like stopping to smell the roses along the way. The home interior makeovers are intriguing but 'if' I did something like that, I would find it way to cluttered for my taste. So, I just have a touch of cozy clutter here and there, for a bit. The article about artist Carol Fitzsimmons was really interesting. Her artwork of dogs is out of this world good. And last but not least, I really like the paperdolls page. Why? Because the paper doll and her clothes and happily colored mixing bowls and so on, are familiarly homey and make my lips curve into a smile. I do wish I could copy and paste things out of magazines onto my blog but that I guess is a 'no no'. Sharing is so much fun. I love to read good things. And, I appreciate things that are wholesome! Most definitely!

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