Friday, April 13, 2018

5 Stars!

I just finished this delightful book and loved it.  So much....if you come across a copy ....I think you'll love it too.  I had the date wrong about the PBS 'Little Women'.  It will be on May 13th.  It looks like a keeper,  and I am looking forward to watching it.


Dolly said...

Hello Maggie !

It's always good to see your posts, although I don't always take the time to say 'hi".

I hope that warm weather brings you more energy and you get to enjoy little trips to find treasures, as always.

Say hello to Violet for me ! Our companion kitties are so vital to our happiness !

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I'll try to remember the Little Women may have to remind us! Hugs!

Saija said...

thanx for your note, dear Maggie Ann ... i've been away from my blog for a bit too ... probably because i'm waiting for spring to arrive!!! LOL ... AND, your picture of the kitty is perfect timing for me ... i think (despite my allergies) that we will go get a cat from the shelter next week ... leo is so missing having one, i can sniffle and cough a bit, so he gets a cat again ... :) ... big hugs and blessings on ya!