Saturday, July 08, 2017

Jesus, Rose of Sharon..

 I was so excited to see the Rose of Sharon bush in full bloom.  Loaded with flowers!  Just once a year for what...a few weeks at most?  What a welcome sight.

And these pansies are the darlings of all our flowers this year.  I keep pinching off the dead ones and they just keep blooming.  Those cute bunnies have destroyed many blooms this year, but what can we do? At least they don't seem to care for pansies....or maybe they leave them alone because they are in ceramic pots up off the ground.

'Jesus, Rock of Ages, let me  hide in thee, Jesus, "Rose of Sharon", sweet thou art to me'.  hymn...'I Have Found a Resting Place'  by Charles Weigle and Gladys Muller.


Dolly said...

I love this Rose of Sharon. It is the kind that I had so many of when I lived in Oklahoma, and I only have one of them now. My others are double blooms, which are pretty, but don't have my heart like the single pinky-purple.

Mildred said...

I love the Rose of Sharon blooms. This is something we would like to add to our yard next year. The pansies are so bright and cheerful.
Have a blessed day.

Patsy said...

We have a large tree that blooms here, of coarse we are in the mid-south
it blooms all summer. A old fashion flowering tree that we love.

Barbara said...

Thanks for visit and comment. Rose of Sharon (Hypericum) is yellow here! Congratulations on 50 years. Ours will be 59 this year. How time flies.

roth phallyka said...

don't have my heart like the single pinky-purple.