Friday, June 30, 2017 way or another!

 I love to use these quilted squares in the center of my tables and on end tables too.  Very cozy and great for protecting table tops. Aren't they pretty!  Hubby is laying a new indoor/outdoor carpet on the back porch today.

I've spent time this morning selecting my Audible book of the month. I chose 'The Cat Who Wasn't There'  by Lillian Jackson Braun.  Quilleran goes on vacation to Scotland....oh boy,  I think it will be a good listen!

 And...over on my library ebook site, I am going to try listening to 'Calico Joe' by John Grisham. It is read by Eric Singer and I really liked his voice.  You'd better like the reader's voice when an audio book can go from 2 hours to maybe 8  hours, but it passes the time enjoyably and frees me up to knit or clean.

A while back I read an article in Readers Digest (I think it was RD!)  about a town who had put up a 'Little Library Box' where folks could take out a book or two free and even keep it after they read it if they wanted too.  And now....tada! a town near us has put one up. Hubby and I made a visit the other day and helped fill  it up some.  I love the very idea of encouraging reading.  While we were dropping off our donations a little girl returned a book she had borrowed.  How sweet is that!

Psalms100:2  'Serve the LORD with gladness; come before his presence with singing.'


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Those quilted squares are perfect to protect surfaces and add some nice color too. And you KNOW I love books and libraries! I have bought so many books in the library lobby lately that I told my husband yesterday, they won't have to have a book sale! hahaha! Love that cute little house and this idea! Hugs, Diane

Winifred said...

Those quilted squares are gorgeous. Would be so useful to have around.

Our little coffee shop in the village has a sort of library (books in a box) where you just borrow a book. It's nice because it used to be a library before the council closed it!

Anonymous said...

I love these little free libraries. They are world wide now and I have a blog friend in WI who looks for them when she travels!
We have a few near us, and I keep a book in the car ready to exchange if I find something neat!
The audio books are nice, too.