Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Beautiful glass 'Yard Art'

Isn't this just gorgeous?  It was a Birthday gift from my friend.....back in January and we finally were able to put it outside and are so loving it! These individual glass pieces were all glued together with EZ6000 glue. (not by me although  hubby is thinking of trying his hand at making one)

I hadn't realized so much time had gone by since I'd last posted.  I get tired so quickly, and am in a lower energy level for sure.  My Mother told me not to get old!  We are enjoying the warm, sunny days.

Hope your Easter was very special.  Ours sure was....oh how much the Lord has done for us all!


Mildred said...

Hi dear friend. That is a lovely yard ornament. I love the colors. I have a blog friend in MN who makes these. Her blog is Far Side of Fifty. She enjoys picking up glass pieces at yard sales and thrift stores and then making yard ornaments.
I hope you will have a restful evening.

Dolly said...

Oh, how I love that Ruby glass ! What a beautiful thing to have reflecting God's glorious sunshine. Shoot, I bet it even looks pretty in the rain !

I'll have to keep an eye open for that color of glass !

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

It looks so pretty. These pretty pinks will catch the light and always be beautiful! Take care of yourself! Hugs, Diane

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is really pretty and unique!

Saija said...

what a cheerful picture! and you remain in your optimistic and forward looking frame of mind too ... Lord bless you for that ... i haven't posted much lately either because i went to Finland to celebrate an 80th birthday!!! not mine (LOL!) but my twin aunt & uncles ... stayed for 2 weeks and i am feeling my age in recouping from the jetlag ... blessings on you ... and prayers for strength for your days!

Patsy said...

Glass yard art is getting more popular, yours is very pretty.
Don't get old is a statement I wish we could all stop.
Last year I was doing great,this year went down hill
fast.Test after test just proof I am getting old.