Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sunshine in the Snow...

I just had to save these bits of cheerfulness from the coming snow. No time yesterday to find a vase, so I just stuck them in the watering can before hurrying away to get groceries.  Just looking at them here is a sweet blessing.  How could I not trust God, when he is the creator of everything beautiful !

I am trying to be efficient today, (haha).  Our Ninja smoothie maker died over the week-end, overworked and under appreciated by me.  Husband bought a new one last night at Sam's  Club and we had our daily smoothie of spinach and beets, frozen berries....juice....and just whatever we have on hand. Yum, in a veggie way =).

Still having back trouble....found a new British tv show to enjoy...'Off to the Country' (or something like that).  Two issues of 'Spin-Off' magazine came yesterday.  Chock full of very interesting things to read and try.  My spinning wheel is ready to continue plying...partially done but the PD really has made an impact on things to slow me down.

In the 'Spin-Off' magazine there was an article that I loved....about the founding of the 'Healing Fibers Foundation'. This group reaches out to anyone who are challenged by illness, physical or emotional. They offer free classes ...some over Skype.  I sat in the car reading about the founders, Lynne and Josh Rule,  wiping away my tears.  How special they are...reaching out to others as they do.

I hope Lynne's life story is repeated in their web address....I'm going to go see.  have a happy day if you can, and hopefully the snow will come and go quickly.


Mildred said...

Hello, These are beautiful jonquils. So big and colorful. I'm sorry your back is giving you trouble. My dad had PD, so I am familiar with your daily trials. Saying a prayer for you. xoxo

Stephanie said...

Oh, what loveliness, my friend! The happy yellow daffodils brought a smile to my face :)

Thinking of you, dear one, and remembering you in my prayers. Hugs!

Saija said...

i had to smile when i saw your daffodils ... they are truly lovely! i FINALLY threw out my poinsettia plant, it bloomed for almost 4 months ... i'd say that is a bargain for $9.99! it was still presentable when i "retired" it!

i pray for you as you come to mind ... hoping that God's sufficiency is what you wrap yourself in, each day of this life we live as aging "gals" ... ((hugs)) and blessings on ya!

Patsy said...

Snow! Sorry you are still down in your back, can say that is no fun.
I had right arm and right hip hurting hopping around for a month, doctor gave me
a shot in hip and then sent me to other doctor for shot in arm. Then it took
two week to get better, but that is all just better not gone.
I can not knit any more and that is sad, still want to buy yarn when I see it.