Saturday, June 18, 2016 light up my world!

The vibrant colors of Cosmos really do 'light' up my world.  Love their intense colors!  I have planted this color and a beautiful red/magenta color.

 I pulled this page out of one of my magazines. I love the 'Grandma's Kitchen.(sign)..meals and memories made here'.  Isn't that the sweetest thing.  I also love the  red and white charm....and that silhouette of the children, don't you?

And mobiles'....well.  They are one of the most fascinating, twirling things to love also.  I pulled this  page out of my magazine as well.  This would be such fun to make with the grandchildren....or any age.  Any age at all. =)     Wishing you a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow, and many more to come.


Saija said...

blessed Lord's day to you & the family too!!!!
we have been BUSY with finland family visiting!! i am pooped most nights, not as young as i used to be or think i am ... ha!!!
wanted to do a "fly by" hug!!!! you always make me smile!

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Those cosmos are indeed pretty. That kitchen is right up my lane too!

Patsy said...

They are small but do have a big impact,sweet!
Love the best room in the house photo.