Saturday, May 21, 2016

At last, a tenant.

This bird house was only meant to be pretty....and we stuffed the door with steel wool so the birds would'nt make themselves cozy.  Last year that worked, but this year.....weatherbeaten and in poor condition,  a tiny bird or two fly in and out frequently.  Much to my initial surprise.  But, thats spring for you,  bird nests on the windowsill, and in a patio shrub there is a nest also.

We brought home a 'chimney-a' and I can hardly wait to try it out.  A nice cozy fire will be to nice at dusk, don't you agree?  Trouble is to much rain and it has to be perfectly dry to build the fire in or it will crack.

We are all about getting a garden planted, well, hubby is.  So....another chilly...overcast we come. The sunshine will return.....and the sooner the better.

ps. still loving my 'Magic Puzzles' app, just finished up the 'Prague' collection. (hope I spelled that right)


Saija said...

it was good to read your post ... i've noticed your long absence ... remember the days when we would actually blog 5 days out of 7!!!! retirement has gotten in my way (and health issues - and computer issues!) ... but it is good to encourage each other along ... miss you!!! thanx for popping by my blog! ((hugs))

Patsy said...

I and still working magic puzzles every day.
I just got Colorful Prints and Amazing Waterfalls.
payed for "Antique" there are 30 in it.
Have fun we miss watching birds and feeding them
can't do it here in new place.