Wednesday, November 04, 2015

My cat...

This pattern was sooo difficult at first but it just goes to show (myself) what can be accomplished if I don't give up. (& this time I hung on to the very end)  Just typing those two little words....'give up'  actually gives me a sense of relief....thats  how messed up my thinking must be,  haha.

I have been having health problems the last year or so that leave me with very little energy.      Anyway,  I'm at last.. posting and you would never believe that I never had a cat or that my husband was an avowed cat hater....because a certain grey tabby has found a loving home with us and is such a joy to me.

Good things about  yesterday;

being reminded God knows our thoughts...& loves us.
getting a get well note off to someone who is on our mind & hearts
finding a crafter whose  quilting is affordable and lovely...
reading an Amish mystery, 'Hearse and Buggy' by Laura Bradford....nice reading
finding some small gifts for my secret sister..
enjoying a craft 'mall'  walk through...
holding our cat and giving her a new toy....mundane perhaps, but fun...=)
enjoying an old movie with hubby at the end of the day, after our Bible reading.
cozy QVC polar fleece sheets....a must for winter... we love! them


Marie C said...

Lovely list of good things to be thankful for! The crocheted cat is so cute! Glad you hung in there!

Patsy said...

Hoping you are much better and will gift us with more post.
Your cat is cute and your real cat is a joy, I know we had one we loved and still think of him. It has been along time now he left us. I was glad to see your comment.

Dolly said...

Oh, Maggie, that knitted cat is adorable. And I've had such fun watching you get attached to your REAL kitty. They are WONDERFUL pets.......mine fetches paperwads, and even pulls her own tissue from the box if I don't make her a 'toy' to fetch. And goes to sleep in my arms every night.

Sorry to hear about the health issues.....I can TOTALLY relate. Doctors have found NO heart or nerve trouble with me, so I think it is just nutrition lacking because of my throat surgery. Just learning a new normal around here.

And I watched a presentation on those fleece sheets a week or so ago, and I wondered if I would enjoy them. I think so, as I currently use ONLY t-shirt knit sheets. I love stretchy sheets and the micro-fleece sounds scrumptious.

Mildred said...

I pray you are feeling better. This little green cat is so precious and you know I love Miss Violet. There is nothing like the love and adoration of a cat. I bought my cats a toy which is a cloth banana filled with catnip. It is so funny to see one of the cats "holding a banana!!"
Merry Christmas and may God bless.