Saturday, August 01, 2015

Community Yard Sale Days!

A day that started out looking like fun....had us so tired....after 2 hours...picture us  then having breakfast at Dairy Queen....then back to the treasure hunt!  It is a nice community time with a great turn out.  The highlight of the day was seeing a pretty long-haired cat named 'Track'.  The story that went with her was that years ago.....this Yard Sale ladies Mom worked on the railroad...and someone had abandoned this kitten and the Mom picked her up and put 'Track' (named for train track)  into her coat and brought her home.  End of happy story =)

We were at a pet store and the manager told us her Dad did not like cats when they were growing up...but the manager's brother was a paper boy who would pick up stray now and then...and bring it home in his empty paper bag.  They ended up with 5  house cats! and their Mom would tell the Dad....that the new cats had been around.....maybe he hadn't noticed it!  Loved her story.


Patsy said...

Happy Sunday-- the sunshine is bright and it is much cooler this morning.
Makes me want to get out for a drive.

Carla from The River said...

Hello, Happy Sunday!
Fun story. :-))

Marie C said...

Such a cute cat story, Maggie Ann. I have had bad luck in the distant past with owning more than one cat at a time, and our daughter is going through that now as well. It just seems to be a huge issue, they are so territorial (unless they are from the same litter). I am behind with everyone, and making an attempt to "catch up" some this morning!