Friday, March 28, 2014

Fun Nostalgia cut-outs

 Do you happen to live near an 'Ollies's store?  and have grandchildren? My husband found this coloring book--how to draw book--stained glass pages--darling animal paper dolls on heavy stock--for only $3.00.  What a gem!!!  Of course he bought me one too. I'm only 66!

 These are so adorable....they would be cute framed for a child's room or ??

 This is the glass ball my hubby picked out of many beauties for us.  Isn't it gorgeous?  And we decided to adopt the cheerful yellow begonia there on the window sill. Many of our miniature orchids have buds.   Thats always good to see.  Once they start to bloom, the blooms last for weeks, sometimes months.  With the wind howling outside and only 51 degrees....we're pretty far off from spring. Today anyway! The more flowers blooming...the better.

Had to show you this!  Our daughter is moving and sent us an early Anniversary gift   (way early....for July).  We love prisms in this family.  Nothing is more cheering than a huge band of brilliant rainbow colors streaking across the floors or walls.  This one is a professional model...just kidding.  But it is very special.  I've never seen one like this before and we are really enjoying it....=)

My friend gave me one of these and I cannot praise it enough.  This is a fantastic sponge.  It makes doing dishes, pans, stovetop.....a cinch.  And will even scrub potatoes or veggies.  I look forward to doing dishes hubby're kidding me!   haha.  I shouldn't have let him read this....he is very excellent at dishes...grin.


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I love that book! I went on Amazon to see if they had it but they didn't. I don't have that store here but I think I'll do more searching. It's just what I love...and I'm about your age! haha! Sweet hugs!

Carla from The River said...

I love your book too. I do not have that store here in our neck of the woods.
Love your photos!
Have a great weekend.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I got your comment. If you can find another one...and if the postage is not too much, I would love to have one. Let me know with an email that I reply to. Thanks so much! Hugs, Diane

Marie said...

Your glass ball and suncatcher prism are both so beautiful! And I truly love the cutouts. We don't have an Ollie's...there was one somewhere we lived and we went in a few times. But, I haven't seen one in AZ. I love it when you can find such delightful things that you know will give a child some great joy, for such a small outlay of money!