Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Craft Show fun!

 Saturday past we were able to go to the Craft Show that was about an hour from us.  We had to walk a good bit to find the entrance as the signs directing towards it were no help at all.  But we made it in....windblown and chilly.
 This clown was so nice...allowing me to get a picture with him.  I also bought his water balloons for the grandsons,  then realized that it wouldn't really be a good idea to mail them. =(
 I loved this booth....full of hand blown glass balls for hanging in the window.  It just occured to me,  I should have taken a picture of the one we bought!  Later...They were gorgeous!  My daughter and I were taught to do 'stained glass' by our local glass blower, Harry and his wife.  We have some pieces of stained glass that we made with their help that we never could  have afforded to buy.  God is so good.
 After we made our purchase....I spotted this basket. The orange glass was so vibrant....I loved it!  Now....of course,  I wonder why I did not purchase it also.(I remember why now....My  hubby chose the gorgeous ball we bought and I didn't want him to doubt his choice of them, for all of these were pretty special)  For this type of thing, these were so give-a-way cheap.  I think the one we bought was $12.  Did you ever?

And aren't these sweet!  The lady that crocheted them did a fantastic job.  As we talked, I found out that she too has a spinning wheel and spins.  Nice =)  I hope you have a great day, with no illness.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with my knitting group and as the ladies talked,  we learned that 3 of them had been sick for about 24 hours straight.   One of the ladies sister threw up 18 times in that time frame.  Oh boy....I hope none of us get that virus!  All we can do is get a lot of rest and wash our hands frequently,  and try not to touch your face.  As if thats easy...grin.


Stephanie said...

Hello my sweet friend! Sounds like a lovely time filled with many pretty items to look at :) I fell in love with those cute booties - what beautiful work!

Wishing you a blessed week - love and hugs!

Dolly said...

Ooh, I don't know how I could have chosen ONE of those glass balls !

Hope you DON'T get sick. I've been talking too much and had sore lungs from the effort, last night. But God gave me a great day working at the food distribution program. How can we NOT take DELIGHT in such an awesome Father ?


GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

I am also drawn to the beauty of glass balls. I would love to have a collection. Sure hope you stay healthy!

Carla from The River said...

Right now my son Sam is sick. I agree wash your hands and rest.

I love your photos. Beautiful work by all the artists.