Sunday, January 05, 2014

 Some of Saturday's clearance shopping.  Treats that are not necessary but very be it.

 The start of my 2014 ....3x5 card, 'Journal'.   A little about each day, with some smile-makers thrown it.

 One of the boys in our Sunday School class gave me this birdhouse today that he made in the summer.  I was delighted with it!
This cheery birdhouse is sure to be occupied next summer....maybe even in the spring huh?

Time for rest now....and remembering to have joy in the Lord.   'serve the Lord with gladness; come before  his presence with singing.'   Psalm 100:2


Carla from the The River said...

I love the birdhouse. How sweet. :-)
I also love the pencils. Very fun and they make me smile.

Marie said...

Such a precious birdhouse! Handpainted and given with love! And your journal is off to a great start.