Saturday, January 18, 2014

 I love 'Ollie's'...they have great prices!  They used to have a great free cup of coffee also, but its been pretty much undrinkable for a long time. Either too weak or waaaaay to strong!  My most recent 'finds'  lately have been scrapbooking paper that is 5 star for half the price of buying at Michaels.

 Yesterday we stopped in at Barnes & Noble.  When we started out it was snowing...but it cleared up beautifully. 5 pm or so,  it got dark and rainy.  'Daphne's Diary' is tempting me to buy it.  Published  in UK,  its a beaut!  I'll wait a few days or so....that will tell me if I must have it or not.

 Puzzles definitely call my name!  Lately though I am a huge fan of an app called 'Magic Jigsaw Puzzles'  that allows you (for $4.99)  to go into your own photos and create jigsaw puzzles on the ipad.  I absolutely cannot express how much fun this is.  10*s to them.   This is a free app from the itunes store if you are a 'Mac' person.  They give you certain free puzzles,  and then you have the option of buying some.  Gorgeous things.  I bought the Alaska pack and love it too.

Whoops...forgot to say,  a friend told me about another itunes app...called 'Blueprint3D HD'.  At first I thought I couldn't do this requires patience!  I look for a word and rotate the blueprint around until I can read it and then slowly see if I can bring the image into a sensible picture.  You are allowed to make your own puzzles also....for free.  Can you tell I am enthusiastic about these two apps?....=)  B

This is what it looked like by the time we headed home....and this quickly turned to snow.  I am making some origami again.   Business card  They also might hold cards with scripture on them,  or  artist cards.  Writing on a blog is different than talking face to face...I'm a bit at a loss for words here.....but smiling.  Have a great day....and stay warm.  Its ever so cold here,  I'm off to give my husband a haircut and then stay near the woodburnder.


Patsy said...

Thanks, I will try out the apps.
Looks like you had a fun day.

Sola Scriptura said...

Craft magazines often call out to me too... begging me to purchase them.

Carla from The River said...

A fun day for you. Yay!
Have a great week.

Marie said...

A fun day ending in some rain and cold. Brrr. :-) I never go to Barnes & Noble anymore. I am a big Amazon book buyer, and Abebooks which is used books from all over the world. You can sometimes get one in good to fine or like new condition for half what you would pay somewhere else, and sometimes the shipping is free! Check them like vintage finds. I think it will appeal to you! :-)