Friday, January 31, 2014

 I just had to show you this!  this beautiful  Hibiscus is blooming, bloom after gorgeous bloom and the weather outside is frightful.  13 degrees yesterday and before that temps in the minus.  I had such a good day yesterday.  A lace scarf that I spun the wool for and knitted had gotten caught up in the sweeper bag.   You can only imagine the color it was when we got it out.  Anyway,  I washed and re-blocked that plus got some carding done.  All while staying cozy.....color me happy.  please.

See how the colors are pink and yellow/orange?   Its called something like Hawaiian delight...ha ha.  I made that name up and the wacky spelling.  Its close though!  Hope you have a wonderful day!


Dolly said...

Oh, Maggie, how very favored you are to have this beautiful reminder of summer in the middle of this last cold, cold week !

I grow the hardy Hibiscus, outside,that my neighbor blessed me with, and can hardly wait to see their big beautiful blooms again.....but everything in it's season, right ?

Patsy said...

I didn't know you could root and get a Hibiscus to bloom in the house. "Wow" learn something new every day on blogger. Love the color.

Carla from The River said...

Your flower is beautiful.
Thank you for sharing it with us on this cold winter day.
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet comments. It makes my day!

Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

It is stunning, and by the way,
I adore Miss Read too!xx

Stephanie said...

Hello my dear, sweet friend! Oh how precious you are - your comments always, and I mean always, bring a smile to my face :) Thank you so much for the lovely visits and words of encouragement!

Your flower is stunning! This kind of flower brings back memories of when my husband and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon :)

I trust you are doing well and I hope you have a splendid weekend!