Saturday, January 05, 2013

I enjoyed the book and I loved this movie.  My collection knows no end of good things or so it seems.  Our shelves are overflowing, but ...but...its ok.  =)

 I loved these snow-globes from Walmart photo dept.  You can easily slide two photos inside them. My husband scanned 600 or so slides into the pc in December.  I was delighted to see family photos dating back to when hubby & I were dating.  Ooooh la la, how fun!  That is what is in our snow handsome hubby as a 20 year old.  Add in some candy canes, and fresh carnations and it makes a very cheerful January day! 

Yesterday, we went into our little flea market mall and of course I did Not think I would or should buy a thing.  Duh...we/I couldn't resist these 3 pieces of Ironware, made in England.  A bit of beautiful brown history.  Plus three sherbet dishes with adorable scalloped feet. Oh the power of a bargain.  $7.00 for all.

Wishing you a Happy Sunday to worship the Lord!  Thanks for the smiles your comments give me.  They are so appreciated...


Anonymous said...

Great idea with the snow globe. I love the brown dish - that is a real find!

Dolly said...

What a fun way to display photographs.....I had not seen those before.

But, oh how I'd love to accompany you on one of these flea market trips. I've started digging for plates and bowls and cups now each time I visit our local 'junk' stores. I just love to actually use the old always brings a smile to ordinary mundane things like setting the table or just fixing a quick sandwich.

Enjoy your pretties, and be blessed.

Carolyn said...

Oh! What a find your brown transferware was!

Thank you for your kind words and visit today.


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Thank you for the tip on Lorna Doone, I cannot seem to get my fill of the wonderful and timeless period movies, I am waiting with bated breath for Downton Abby to start tomorrow night~
Happiest of new years!

Marie said...

You always make the neatest "finds!" And I've never read Lorna Doone though I've heard of it my whole life. I'll have to add it to my list!

Carla said...

I love your brown dish! My boys would love it too.
Have a great week.

Senkyoushi said...

I downloaded Lorna Doone based on your recommendation! Thanks! =)