Saturday, September 08, 2012

Farmers & Threshermens Jubilee

 This natural gas engine was massive and I was impressed that it ran 18 months without shutting down. Wish I could have gotten a better picture of it as a whole, but I opted for video....which Blogger doesn't want to upload.  Mom always said 'If wishes were horses, beggars would ride'.

This is the amazing work of a woodcarver who was busy working on his benches while we were there.

 This was an old 'bus' fashioned from wood, built around the cab of this vintage car?  Inside were two long benches facing each other.   I've seen this kind of bus in some vintage movies...haha.

 Aren't they something?  You should have heard their whistles and seen the steam billowing from their smokestacks.  It was exciting!

 The horse pulling was cancelled, but these beauties were there.  The rain was really heavy today for hours and the roads and paths between exhibits were terrible.  Mucky with mud and wet..wet..wet.

 Isn't this little girl brave?  Wonder what she was checking for??

Homeward bound, after stuffing ourselves with french fries,  apple dumpling and lemon meringue pie,  wonderful bean soup and 'made on the spot'  apple cider.  Oh...and cotton candy for the ride home.  We were SO glad we went, rain or not.


Saija said...

i love that bench! what a wonderful outing you had . .. and the post previous - there is nothing as wonderful as homemade things - my mom's handiwork is displayed everywhere at our place!

so nice that you visited at my blog - i have been quiet again, not blogging or even visiting special sisters like you - i don't know what it is? this quiet spirit? but i decided to pop by now and let you know that the amy carmichael book is definitely not a light read - i was just being "funny" - though i guess it didn't come across like that! she was certainly dedicated to the Lord in such a way that folks in our day and age would find hard to attain to ... we seem to have too many distractions, unfortunately ...

blessings on your sunday! big (hugs) to you!

Maple Lane said...

What fun! That bench is remarkable! So glad you were able to enjoy despite the rain. All the food sounds so good!

Chatty Crone said...

Looks like you had some great fun! That bench was just awesome - hard to believe that someone made that.

Marie said...

Looks like fun! I love things like this! Oh, and the food sounded yummy!

Carla said...

Great photos! I love the drive home photo. They sky is amazing. :)