Saturday, November 05, 2011

Sunny days are here again, briefly.

Isn't it something that the day often ends with a bath of golden sunlight flooding our world as the sun descends in the sky. Then comes that soft, blue/lavender dusk gently covering the world. (Which sometimes reminds me the day is about over and I should have/could have accomplished more! ) Ahh, the sun has set now. Almost.

And then the beautiful moon and stars. No wonder the Psalmist says by God's leading, 'The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.' Psalm 19:1

At the library today hubby spotted a book out by Susan Boyle! Titled 'Susan Boyle...the Woman I Was Born to Be' story. I just started it and am really enjoying it. I loved Susan's rise to fame & her wonderful voice and wish her all the best.

I tried a candy recipe for 'Three Musketeers' bars this week. It tastes remarkably like the Three M. bars but no use for me to post a picture of my end results. They look awful. You melt 1 cup of chocolate (I used merkins) and stir in 1 cup of barely thawed Cool Whip. You put that in the freezer but it never hardens. So then when you go to cut them into nice little squares ...forget it. All I got were lumpy balls. Tasty though...grin.

What is it about sunshine flooding a room with its golden glow?You can't see the sun here, but it was lighting up the room with such a glow. And I love the rainbows' the prisms make, strips of cobalt blue are my favorite. Or bits of color from small stained glass pieces that are lovely, streaking across the wall. To be able to appreciate 'pretty' is such a gift. But...'pretty' can be so often snuffed out by clutter, I've found.

My Father used to say, 'A place for everything and everything in its place.' Is this really possible? I keep trying and keep losing ground. ah well, life is grand anyway.

The blacksmith picture was one that hung in our living room for years...way back when. When we found these puzzles by the same artist, I'm sure we thought we had When we liked something we really liked it. Despise not the day of small things. Can you tell by the beat up old box we've had this puzzle for many years?

This puzzle has now been donated to a thrift shop. It was pretty, but oh so hard.

I hope you have a restful Lord's Day. Thats what God meant it to be for us. Recently I bought a book titled, 'Rest' Living in Sabbath Simplicity, by Keri Wyatt Kent. I figured with a title like that there must be some good in it. Just a peep inside says something like 'when you go to bed, know that God is watching over you. When you wake up, pray for a few minutes and listen for God, practising his presence.' I never can endorse anything completely, you understand. Just in case there is error in it. (and we aren't Sabbath 'keepers' but I appreciate the concept of it).... I've just started reading this book but so far I like it.

'I was glad when they said unto me, Let us go into the house of the Lord.' Psalm 122:1


LDH said...

Many nights when I take Raider out one last time before bed and look to the sky to see the stars, Psalm 19:1 comes to mind. Never fails and I had opportunity to say it to Abbey just last night!

You reminded me of Pollyanna with the light and prisms of color on the walls. I love that movie!

Beautiful puzzles :)

Anonymous said...

I did not know Susan had a book out. Thanks for sharing that; she has remarkable talent and I, too, wish her the best.
I love your plates/platters on the wall - is the pattern Virgina "fluffy" rose by Homer Laughlin. It looks a lot like my grandma's pie plate which is that pattern?
Always a pleasure to visit with you. Have a good evening.

Saija said...

loved to read your chitchat ... :)

tonight i'm taping an hour long show on susan boyle ... it must seem odd to be an ordinary person one day - and the next day everyone knows your name and wants to talk to you ... atleast with susan, it came at a later age - she seems to be staying level headed ...

they are saying that our province might get snow tomorrow ... oh dear, it is going to happen soon ... i do so like the sunshine rather than the cold white stuff ...

blessings on you, dear maggie ann & your sweet hubby ...

Anonymous said...

The pie plate I have that belonged to Grandma is just Homer Laughlin VA. Rose. I ordered a covered dish from and it was HL VA. Rose Fluffy Rose - the slightest difference in the shape of the flowers and the fluffy has an added lavender flower! If you have never looked at them on, you will enjoy their site.

Everything Changes said...

I got teary, as many did, when Susan's talents were revealed. But I also cringe and am wary because of all the mean-spirited folks out there, particularly media, who relish just as much the fall. My prayer is that she find her fulfillment along with strength to resist the pitfalls!

You must be Canadian: down here when I write practise with an s instead of a c, I get laughed at! :-)

podso said...

I didn't know Susan Boyle had written a book. I'm sure it's interesting about her life and rise to fame. She must have some tenacity! Your plates on the wall are so pretty!

Patsy said...

Thanks,I will look for her book. I love to hear her sing,her voice is like a child so sweet.
I bet the candy was good most
of mine is a mess.
I like doing puzzle's too I play lot's of games to keep my mine working.