Saturday, October 29, 2011

Winter is Coming..

It seems winter is fast approaching. Yesterday the rain hung like jewels from the tree branchs and I stepped out into the cold & chill to snap a few photos. But today I shared (along with others!) the wonderful sight of the first snowfall of the season. Not really welcome but still, another 'awe' moment at first sight. We have to admit! It is pretty. 'The heavens declare the glory of God'....truly! Psalm 19:1

I tried three new recipes this week and they all turned out to be keepers. One was black bean burgers, one was a bean, almond & dried cranberry salad and I can't think what the other one was just now. Oh yes, oatmeal bars that had no flour in them and they were quite good. My husband really liked them alot.

We are still price shopping for glasses for me. Frustrating somewhat but necessary. Its hard to find just what you want at the price you can live with.

My husband & I finished our jigsaw puzzle this morning. We are puzzle addicts once we get the pieces out of the box and turned right side up. Although only 275 pieces, this one was hard !! But fun. We are a good team. This puzzle was a scene with 3 girls on a beach. Lots of sand and sky.

I do miss the warmth. The house is chilly and I am chilly and this is just the start of things to come. Well, Time for me to cook something for supper. I can grill chicken tenders in a jiff, and think I will do just that.

Warmest wishs for a happy Lord's Day! We have such a good time at church. The messages are excellent. They are Biblical and give us lots of food for thought. I use my Sunday sermon notes for devotions the rest of the week and it strengthens my walk with the Lord.

Thank you so much to those of you who take a minute to leave a comment. That is so appreciated. (though I may not deserve them, not being a consistent blogger!)


Anonymous said...

I have visited 3 blogs today who have received their first snow. We are in the 60's this afternoon but it is very windy.
I am not familiar with the show you mentioned in your comment on my post. I will look for it.
Hope you have a restful evening and a blessed Sunday.

Everything Changes said...

Here in the CA desert, we are still having pleasant days--80s the next few, supposedly. But it is getting down in the 40s at night, so winter is surely coming. Time to wrap up the swamp cooler and pull out the soup recipes! Love it!

Saija said...

what a positive attitude re snow ... i'm afraid my heart isn't always so thankful to see that white stuff!!!!

and thanks for being my bloggedity friend for all these years ... 7 now ... wow, eh!!!

p.s. loved the postcards!!!

Patsy said...

New recipes are fun when they are keepers.
We or I do like puzzle's to, the Bennie helps sometimes.
It is way to early for winter ,I wish fall would stay longer.

Mary said...

Maggie, your blog is always an encouragement. I so appreciate that. Your pictures are lovely and your words inspiring and comforting. God bless you.
We have sunshine and a forecase for 60 today. No snow here but we did have a frost. It is time to cut back all the plants and get the yard ready for winter. I am praying for a mild winter. The ice and bitter cold temps of last winter were not fun. Have a wonderful evening.

W. Latane Barton said...

I have been thinking about all you people with snow. It is beautiful, that is true, but can cause so much distress. Hope you have power. duh.... you must, if your computer is working. Stay warm.

LDH said...

Oh, John and I love jigsaw puzzles too! Once one is started we can't seem to stay away from it until the last piece is in place :)

Sweet stopping by to visit with you!