Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...

Its getting closer! I am just beginning to think about pumpkin pies and turkey with freshly made cranberry sauce. Tonight is our special Thanksgiving service with testimonies. I know one thing I'm thankful for.

Our daughter's golden lab went missing overnight and they were sick with worry. They drove around in the dark calling her. Natty is up in years and sometimes has trouble moving due to arthritis.

And...it turns out Natty ended up really far from home, on the other side of the river. A lady was driving and spotted Natty on the road, lost and dripping wet. She stopped her car and got out, in the dark, risking getting hit by traffic. She coaxed Natty into her car, took her home and towel dried her and let her stay in the house overnight where she was a polite and perfectly obedient guest.

Next morning she placed a sign in her yard that simply said, 'found dog'. I believe a neighbor of our daughter's saw the sign and anyway....you know the rest of the story. Natty was brought home amid much relief and rejoicing. Oh...thank the Lord for his tender compassion and mercies, great and small. What a difference that lady's care made. All the difference in the world! My daughter & her family are so grateful.

Psalm 150:5 'Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord, Praise ye the Lord.'


LDH said...

Thankful for the Happy Ending of this story!

Everything Changes said...

Wow, I'm so glad she was cared for. How in the world did she wander so far? We do love our pets! I was up from 4:30 on this a.m. petting our collie who freaks out when she has digestive disturbances! He thinks he is being chased by gas! :-) But I did it because he's scared and I love him. Probably pathetic since I had to work today.

Saija said...

awwww, how wonderful that is ... someone being kind to one of God's least - to make one of God's children happy!

(hugs) and thank you for sharing the great story!!!

Mrs. Mac said...

Such a good happy ending. A lot of tail wagging from Natty I'm sure. We lost our beloved Golden Retriever (the dawg .. Holly) about two weeks ago. She passed away in her sleep at the age of 11. Such a wonderful loyal friend. I'm so happy your daughter's dog is home again.