Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a beautiful Thanksgiving day. These two little pilgrim turkeys were made my my Mother years ago. I am still enjoying them.

I really enjoy vintage clip art. Imagine driving turkeys to town! So cute.



Anonymous said...

The turkeys are so sweet. Glad you had an enjoyable day.

Everything Changes said...

Cute turkeys, and I'm sure they are much happier in that place on the table or hauling a cart than the other place! :-)

There's a blog I follow which had a funny story. She took her kids to a turkey petting zoo. Problem: the young one made the connection with turkey with the soft feathers and turkey on the counter. Mmm, holiday trauma! Looks like a vegetarian meal was in store!

The Mayo Family said...

I came over to visit from
Mrs Dawn's...
I really enjoyed my stop & I will be back!
Glad you had a lovely Thanksgiving & how sweet that you have the lil-turkeys! :)

Marie said...

Love the two turkeys, and what a sweet thing to have that your Mom made! Loved the clipart too! Hope you had a wonderful and truly blessed Thanksgiving!