Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spinning again! We went to our Guild Spinning afternoon on Saturday and I am inspired all over again. I've got two samples of wool to spin that are new to me. Tomorrow is our knitting group meets and I'm going to start a scarf in the most lovely blends of color. Can't wait to get it started.

We had a great Sunday, the services were a blessing at church. We are home now after the evening service and hubby is making sausage patties for us with, eggs I believe. Now, what could be a nicer way to end the day?


LDH said...

What a wonderful weekend you have had. Yummy dinner too :)

Mrs. Mac said...

I so enjoyed seeing the spinners at the local fair this past week. I just finished my first 'paid for' knitting class .. learning how to knit with double pointed needles (made a nice wool cap) .. and a pair of fingerless texting gloves. Oh what fun. Now I'm trying to make a baby cap for my little granddaughter that is to be born in December.

Mrs. Mac said...

Thank you Maggie Ann for adding my little Rowan to your church's prayer list. That means so much to our family! I'll try to post a picture of the texting gloves and the cap I knitted .. my pc and camera are tricky to coordinate working together .. see what I can do :)